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ban appeal

  1. Santian

    Santian's Unban appeal 3rd

    Ban reason: putting and using inappreciate skin, throwing out slurs Ban date: 02/07/2023 (dd-mm-yy) Hello, dear Lokans and staff of Loka. I want to apologize to the staff team for wasting their time and especially to Magpieman for trying to alt on the server and not mentioning it in my previous...
  2. CakeManMCT

    TuckerBun's Unban Appeal

    Hello Loka staff. So, I want to explain the situation. I was looking for presents for people in my town and I had an elytra on. There is this big row of presents on a wall that borders our town and another. For some reason the blocks a lot of presents spawned on were on the wall and were...
  3. Santian

    Santian's Unban appeal

    Ban reason: putting and using inappreciate skin, throwing out slurs Ban date: 02/07/2023 Hello dear Lokans and Staff, I hope you have a good day. I want to appeal for an unban or ban reduction, I have done stupid things on the server and that is totally not okay. First especially my behavior...
  4. 1g0w

    Ban Appeal X-ray

    Hi I was banned 6 months ago cuz Xray I used xray because I need money for new armors and I dont wanna spend lots of time for it I know its bullshit If I want armors I need to spend my time but I understood my wrong and I never gonna use it again I just want 1 more chance (ty for reading my...
  5. mrgoodasian

    mrgoodasian appeal

    Date of Ban: 5/07/23 I had gotten off another game to hop on Loka to gank some people. I joined this call and everyone who was usually there was on the call, including Erwin. Erwin had always joined calls and asked us to screen share gank isle. I had never really liked Erwin as he would always...
  6. W

    My Ign is Combatian and I've been banned.

    Hello, I've just been banned for harrassment. I am being told many things that I've called people "fat" and other stuff which I admit to doing. But now im being told from 1 person that I was banned for "something outside of loka" and then being told that "I was banned for calling people stupid"...
  7. Santian

    Santian Unban appeal (inappropriate skin)

    Hello dear staff I would like to appeal my permanent ban. The reason for getting banned is for using an inappropriate skin (Hitler skin) in Zyre. I would like to apologise again to the staff for using it. i am not a racist. i don't accept racism at all. I just want 1 last chance to play on the...

    AL3NZISA Apology and Ban Appeal

    Hey, I came here to make an appeal for a situation revolving around me getting banned off LokaMC. I got banned for assisting a player named Vqmen ban evade after getting banned from the server LokaMC as mentioned earlier. I helped him, and I knew what would happen if I got caught, but I still...
  9. ballankaragul

    ballangregor ban appeal

    Hello, This is my second appeal for the same reason. You forgave me in my first appeal and I didnt enter the game for 2 months. A while ago I tried to enter and you banned me for having the same ip with the banned player. In my first appeal was my ban reason is my account having 2 ips because...
  10. Mucroz

    Ban Appeal for Mucroz (me)

    My name used to be something about "joseph stalin" as a whole joke i was never a extremist on any ideology. Since my account got banned for it a year ago i forgot about it a few weeks after the ban and i was using my "Mucroz" account for it since at the time i got a new account as a gift and...
  11. bqnka

    MexicanMeatEater/SwingBot Unban Appeal.

    Brief Back story. May 7th 2023 1 day before the ban was placed, We were in Ascended VC like everyday playing loka like any other day, I was arguing with a player called RezzaOT, Who has a reputation for arguing with everyone, But I am close friends with him, so we usually argue for fun...
  12. Trustbbg

    Ban appeal (Trustbbg)

    Hello im trustbbg, alvin, botellon whatever u want to call me. I got banned of loka today for "account sharing". The reason to this is beacuse i got the "same ip" as xicz. Wich is an banned player from a few months ago. Me and xicz are really close friends and we have known each other for...
  13. MrSuperb

    NepyMX Ban Appeal

    Posting this appeal for the player NepyMX as they cannot log into their Loka forum account. Around 2 weeks ago I got banned for exploit abuse via using the boat race to access a version of spawn without world protection and getting unobtainable items from it. The person I was on the call with...
  14. J4RLID

    Ban Appeal

    Hey I was banned for Town betrayal and I'm unsure how I town betrayed. I would like to know how I was town betraying, I recently left a town and I was sharing a room with my friend and I took half the stuff and I left half the stuff. Then I joined another town to roomie with my friend. So if...
  15. PachaConJet69

    popbot69/NegativePingg ban appeal

    Hello Loka, after almost 11 months of a ban because of a consecutive serie of very bad actions that I did, 4 months of my last appeal, I'd like to try it again, I think I haven't been much active in the internet, focused on other things, I can tell I improved my behavior & discipline, changed in...
  16. S

    sealbruh ban appeal

    hello i would like to appeal for my ban on the 'sealbruh' account I believe i got banned for saying I was using a hacked client/toggling I did not know that it was a bannable offense and will not repeat it. Thank you
  17. X

    Ban Appeal for my friend

    My friend isn't able to register an account because they have been banned for 2 years. They have grown up a lot since doing some dumb stuff on the server and really really want to play again for the nostalgia. Their name on MineCraft is PlsAcceptMyApeal. They're bad at spelling sometimes. If you...
  18. Topazaz

    Topazaz Ban Appeal

    Hello my name is Topazaz. Firstly, I would like to apologize to the players I played with on the server and second the staff on the server. I was banned for racial slurs and alting while banned. As I've matured in age I have realized that there are people that what I said applied to. I...
  19. S

    I really don't mean to be such a rat (Ban Appeal)

    I really can't remember when I got banned on this server on my account but I would like to say it was maybe 2 years ago? Now you must be wondering how are you on this forum and why were you banned? For question 1 I'm on my brother's account starlightgun I /registered in game ofc, because. There...
  20. K

    Kriven's Ban Appeal

    Hi Been banned since June 2016 Got banned for a huge stupid building project in a Dock respawn area. Would love to come back as this is one of the best servers I've been on. I will not door or roll back glitch again.