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  1. A


    I've been having this problem recently, I've been trying to make a Book, but every time I write more than 3 pages on a book, it kicks me out of the server? I cant figure out what happened, I tried having more paper, but it doesn't work.
  2. Aggressive_Gibon

    Implement in Future Bookcases R Cool

    Small suggestion on a possible enhancement for the bookcase chest feature. As it exists at the moment bookcase inventories are only realy useful for small storage of likely lore books or written books in general, as there are so much more efficient storage methods for things like enchanted books...
  3. W

    Elderwood Trading Thread!

    ~Elderwood Trading~ Welcome to the Elderwood Market! All of the prices that you find on this thread are negotiable unless specified otherwise. I am currently new to the server, so if prices seem way out in comparison to the usual economy of the server, please bear with me. At the moment the...