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  1. virfy

    Virfy's Custom Lore Texture Service [REBORN]

    In collaboration with @biggaybowacunga The return of the Lore CIT Service! > Previous Forum Post < > Discord Server < Disclaimers: - If your lore has very obscure symbols, it may cause issues with the CIT. It is quite confusing and when I was making one for Olpx, the CIT worked on my end with...
  2. virfy

    Lokafication Pack [16x]

    Hello everyone, this new pack is a fun project that of mine to try out some very underrated features within Minecraft, called core shaders, which allow you to do all kinds of crazy things in the vanilla game... What this pack changes: - Gold/Yellow loading screen - Gold/Yellow container...
  3. virfy

    LokaV | Custom Textures [16x]

    Hey guys, I have made my own 'loka+' pack, this pack contains all unique and original textures.* The pack contains: - Firestone - Top Firestone Fragment - Left Firestone Fragment - Bottom Firestone Fragment - Power Shard - Power Shard Cluster - Power Shard Core - Ancient Ingot - Basic Shard -...
  4. virfy

    .• °:. *₊ ° . ☆ Virfy's Custom Lore Texture Service ☆ . ° ₊* .:° •. OUTDATED

    Hello everyone I thought I would start up a little service for texturing Loka player's Lore's, using CIT (CIT Resewn & Optifine) I will be posting images of the work I have made in the thread comments below, and I will also post when I have slots open. For actual discussion about our deal, I...