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  1. ACwavelength

    Suggestion Alliance Lore Tags

    Guess who's back with another suggestion!!!! You might have missed me after all these years, but don't worry, I'm back, and have plenty more ideas. Might also post lore stuff, who knows. Anyway: ALLIANCE LORE TAGS Lore tags make items rewarding to find, make item value subjective as well as...
  2. Asynchronized

    Suggestion QOL Enhancements for Grinding

    Over the past few months, the player base has exploded in numbers and the amount of potions, food and pearls being consumed has increased rapidly. The systems in place for grinding these items haven't really scaled well and it's starting to show. Everyone is broke. Nobody has anything. And we're...
  3. Itsredstonepro

    Safe Storage System (Closed for unknown time)

    Store your shulkers and other items safe forever! No need for carrying shulkers from town to town, I got you covered. This system will allow you to store items and shulkers and whatever you want to store safe. You can always deposit and extract items from your storage with a key that is unique...