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  1. Silver911

    Silver's Unremembored Past

    All powerful goddess Jaime Prince has a balance beetween him. Later he lost a battle with the goddess Skullcrusher Johnas. When Silver was born, so was Mtndew98. Mtndew98 was the other half of the personality making him almost oppisite from Silver. Inapplicable was Silver's dad and Jaimeees was...
  2. Silver911

    Deathbringer's Story Origins

    Someone awoke. Glittering eyes, white shirt, khaki pants, gray hoodie and blonde hair. "W-who am I?" he asked. "Your name is Silver." Spoke the girl. "You shall be safe in Zorros as long as you can catch up. We need loyal members." "But," I start, "What is your name?" "My name..." the girl says...