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  1. P

    PIGLXN unmute appeal.

    Hello fellow loka players, I am PIGLXN. I come forth to all of you to ask for your forgiveness of my toxicity from the past and wish that you can all forgive me, I was muted for saying hateful comments towards WooTiger a fellow loka player. I would like to say I have changed a lot since then and...
  2. capybara

    Suggestion Personal item chest

    Hello loka, I have no idea if this has been suggested before in this way. I’m proposing that people have a free extra double echest at spawn and that every extra $10 they donate another page is added like the void storage but just for one person at spawn. It would be kinda p2w but mostly...
  3. Steak__

    Suggestion TOwns

    make a easier way to check when you can rejoin a town you left its annoying having to ask staff all the time to check when you can rejoin