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  1. Fake

    My Town NPC's are making a secret cult

    I went offline for 3 hours and my Town Farmers decided to make a Cult (I already did /report)
  2. ACwavelength

    Suggestion Vendor NPCs

    NPCs that could be made to sell things for set prices or to set ranks within a town. They could be used to sell alcohol in bars, or sell goods in market stalls, ect. Also they could have access to void storage so they don't run out of stock.
  3. Mr_Void99

    NPC Skins?

    I was wondering if there is a way to get some of the skins that the NPC's wear around spawn?
  4. DragonTriniti

    Fixed NPC in town for Prestige in Town will not respond

    I have collected prestige points before using the npc in my town. However, lately I have not been able to claim prestige even tho i have completed the jobs several times. I have tried shift + right click, right click, shift + left click and left click just in case by some odd chance they would...
  5. ModernMozart1787

    Consider Implementing Make NPC Town Members

    I was thinking recently about how towns don't feel like, well, towns unless you have 30+ active members who are almost always online. Also, town guards and the barracks should really come back. There should be some risk to raiding a town, even if the members are offline, and a town wall feels...