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  1. Yuri_Aurelius

    Ruins of Fang Creek - a stranger's story

    You'd hear this story on a rainy night in any random tavern from one of the strangers. Buy him some ale, share a drink and ask him if he ever heard of a town Fang Creek. Fang Creek... Few recognize the name nowadays. To some - an old forgotten town in the marshes of Garama. To others - a...
  2. RayWard54

    New lore idea

    So, I was thinking about making a lore series (that I will actually be doing on the server) where I am going to be stranded on an island with just a wrecked ship to start with. I already found a spot but I need to check it out in-game. Any suggestions of islands that I can go to (preferably in...
  3. longfellow4

    The Heartbeat of Makkon

    Certainty. That is what I loathe. Let the vines of Mak teach me! The jungle was a harsh place for most, and Garama only added to it's spite - screeching its heat and disease on all unwary who dared step from the ports. However to a select few hardy individuals, this place has become a...