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  1. mads64

    The sun rises over Seraphim

    << Introducing the town of Seraphim, born in the heart of Ascalon. >> (also known as Volarys, the name is being changed.) -[v]- -[^]- More to come. Build info: 34,947 Bone Blocks Height: 130 Wingspan: 185 Tools used: drububu voxelizer, blender, worldedit, litematica Built...
  2. TimeCentaur

    Suggestion Rewards for Age

    Some rewards for the time that has elapsed since you started playing on Loka would be cool. Rewards could be: - Orbs - Titles - Lore items - Items similar to the seasonal ones (like the Yuletide Feather) Of course any rewards would only be cosmetic and it doesn't have to be all of the above...