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2v2 Changes


Staff member
As briefly discussed on the server, there will be major changes coming to how 2v2 works on Loka. In favor of making 2v2s easier to play and less cumbersome to setup, I will be removing the concept of preformed 2v2 teams in favor of a party system. Here's how it breaks down.

  • Players wishing to partner up for 2v2 will do so through a party system.
  • Parties are temporary and, at least in the first iteration, will only exist so long as both players are online.
  • Once you're in a party with another player, then /queue2 will work the same as before.

The hidden matchmaking rating will still be used to pair up teams, but the major difference now is that you don't to make a named team anymore. If you wish to leave your party and 2v2 with another player you can do so by simply joining another player's party. It should remove the headache of team creation, but will remove some of the individuality of teams (like the ever so creative team names you all came up with).

This also means that essentially the 2v2 rankings page will look like the 1v1 page - showing players instead of teams. However, in time, more data such as who you play with most often and your record with that player will be shown on the site.

Hopefully testing on this can begin this weekend.


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The team wins/loses together. So if Team A beats Team B, then both members of Team A gain rating and both members of Team B loses rating. However, teams can switch at will so each member of a team won't necessarily have the same rating.


Whenever we try to create a 2v2 party we get kicked "Internal exception java.io.IOexception: Received string length longer than maximum allowed (18 > 16)