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_Drilon ban appeal

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I got banned for exploit abuse.
Yesterday my friend gave me a beacon (which he got in a not legit way but i didnt know) to sell it and give him the cores. I sold it but kept the cores to see if he was going to get banned after i reported him. In the mean time Thepiggang asked me where the cores were and i lied abt it, but thats not the reason i was banned. Thepiggang told me i was banned after i didnt tell him who i got the beacon from but i was the one reporting him. I would be unbanned but i admitted i still have the cores so now Thepiggang says thats the reason im banned. I was trying to be honest but instead it keeps me banned.


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-1 You said you would help me sell the beacons to buy your lore back. Not slick enough. You couldnt even stay 8 hours without loka blud...


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- play lokamc
- some random who has rumors circulating him that he is duping comes up and gives me a whole beacon
- hmmm must be legit
- banned
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