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A drunken discovery! [New Alcohol available for brewing!]


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A quiet night.
I was working on that new Gold Rum recipe I had overheard in a conversation at the local bar, which was supposed to be a revolutionary method to ease the process of fabrication and open the doors to mass-production or what-not. I had ... enjoyed a couple of fairly strong drinks that evening and my mind was already drifting around. I still managed to gather what was left of my drunken state and write down some of the key-words.

It was a miracle I could make something out of the gibberish I had written down ...
I tried transforming the sugar canes, refining them before use. The white extremely addictive and sugary substance left could have never be of any use in an alcoholic beverage... So I had thought. I still tried mixing and adding and removing and burning my hands a couple times in the process and I felt progress in that struggle. Mixing what knowledge of Rum-making I had and tempering with the sugar substance and some wheat for fermentation I had somehow managed to make a decent brew of some kind!


Mixing sugar with wheat should now produce a very addictive and sugary drink known as Butterscotch. A few bushels of wheat added with sugar as main ingredient should do the trick. Distillation would be required of course. And because of the high amount of sugar in the drink, any kind of wooden barrel is suitable for the job.

Now I am sure we can discover other recipes and new drinks, it is only a matter of time before knowledge come to us ... or us to it!


Re: A drunken discovery! [New Alcohol available for brewing!


I'll buy 10