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A Kingdom is Born Part 2


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The air was smug, dripping with the earthen heat and tensions that hung almost as high as the chandeliers above them. The faint glow of the lava, imprisoned by the glass above them, was just enough light to make out each of the council members at Aegon's table. Those around him were the most unlikely of individuals but their presence spoke volumes to him. He withdrew the sword of pressed diamond, glowing with a pulse of light. The glyphs that were engraved by his enchantments seemed more archaic than artisan. The hilt made a dull thud as he laid the weapon on the table before him. His matching armor dimly glowed, giving him an ethereal presence. His helm was tucked under one arm, leaving his head exposed which was now topped with a silver crown.

"Each you knows the reason you are sitting here tonight, meeting under the protection of Ironforge's own walls." Aegon paused long enough to look at each of his constituents. "Our initial plans to create a home within the scope of this world seems to be at odds with those that reside here."

"Surely Mag didn't oppose.." Sam suggested. Her bright blue eyes met his from her position at the table. He shook his head.

"No, the old one has expressed full support and even offered most of us a home should we choose to accept it." His eyes turned to rest on one his newly trusted peers. They both knew the issue at hand was primarily for his sake. Aegon could feel the frustrations coming from his brother in arms. The young, but very experienced Def, lowered his gaze after their silent exchange.

"For the purposes of security, we'll leave uninvolved parties unnamed, but it is clear that we will never be allowed to live in peace. This place is corrupted beyond our means of repairing." They all knew that he did not just mean the obelisk and the spreading blight.

"That's not true!" Artagan's voice rang out and traveled off of every wall. Defiance, not for Aegon, but for the suggestion that there was no hope for his home. "We can still win this fight, m'lord." Had he not the same respect for Artagan as the scholar did for him, he might have been angry at the outburst.

"I'm afraid this fight is not won with swords or even by means of intellect, old friend." Aegon was hinting at the last viable solution, whether they realized it was the last or not.

"What are you playin' at?" his brother asked. Irish was always his most comical, even at times of despair.

"We could always march on our enemies." One of them suggested. Irish began to speak.

"One does not simply walk..."

"You're not really gonna finish that sentence, are you?" Asked Def. Irish only smiled and conceded. The air only seemed heavier now, weighted with the decisions they must make. Silence fell upon them all in contemplation but they all truly knew what it would come down to. Aegon's voice shattered the silence.

"Artagan, my dear friend. You have not committed to this venture so you are not bound to this end. You have a decision to make." His eyes moved on to Def. "You have proven to me that your past actions do not reflect what kind of man you are today, Def. Consider yourself a trusted friend and ally, as our fates have become one and the same."

Def nodded in understanding and Aegon hoped he truly knew the gesture he was offering in all of this. Though his decision as King was not due to his new ally's unfavorable status in this world, it did play a part.

"In my time here, I have learned more than I could ever have dreamed of since awakening. However it seems I may have learned more than is healthy for any one individual. The history that plagues this place and its people is too much. Instead of pride, there is hate. Rather than unity there is only discord. They will never truly come together as one. This really saddens me as I had high hopes for bringing everyone together to a common cause. Now they will be doomed to their own fates."

"You're not suggesting what I think you are..." Sam's eyes met his again and never had he seen such remorse in her face at the realization. Finally, it struck them all. The epiphany seemed to have a tangible presence.

"It will never be finished in time." Sam declared.

"It has enough power even as it is." Aegon retorted. She shook her head and looked at him just as the others were now, and spoke with finality.

"So this is what it has come to...?"

"In the game of thrones...you win or you die." He replied. His sword beamed when he lifted it from the table and it seemed to give a cry of closure when it slid into the scabbard.

"We will use the tower." His footsteps rang throughout the chamber. "I'll be gone before a fortnight will pass. Anyone coming should prepare. I won't wait."

With that, he made his exit.