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Adderman500, applying for Guardian

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Well-Known Member
Age: Fifteen

Current Rank: Sentry

Which rank are you applying for: Guardian.

What you think is expected of this rank: Control griefers, spammers, hackers and the like. Ban and kick where necessary. (they are the sentry roles). For guardian, I need to catch as many "criminals" as possible through the use of extended powers such as the tp commands, and will as such keep an eye on those who have dodgy xcheck records, for example. I will aim to help players as much as possible with my knowledge of server lore and general minecraft knowledge. I will also help out with the players who are stuck at spawn. I will keep my record of an absence of PvP and stealing. Although difficult in some cases, that i admit, i will remain unbiased on every issue i come across. I will keep continue to help enrich the vibrance of the server and develop the community and projects across loka.

Why you think you should become this rank: I have dealt with situations carefully and with a cool head. I tend to think im generally a likeable guy. Im commited to the server, and have been for just over a year now. I have greatly contributed to the server through certain events such as the slicer course and also through cathedral city itself. I hope i have made many peoples gaming experience better. Most importantly to fulfill the role of Guardian, i have not once slain anyone seriously. I have only ever stolen once from someone, but have vowed never to do so again because i hated it. I will try to retain peace where possible in the server, as i prefer to be a neutral guy, especially with regards to war. I can be trusted and have never revealed secret information to others if it has been entrusted to me. These values suit the balanced and trusting role of guardian.

When you started playing on the server: Just over a year ago. I think late June to early July 2011, but can't quite remember.

Time zone: GMT + 0

How often do you play: At least an hour a day on weekdays, usually 2 or 3 on weekends and Fridays. Will increase as i have a new computer, perhaps to 2 or 3 hours a weekday, 4 or 5 at weekends (real life permitting :p )
Not open for further replies.