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All Town Websites will be going Public


Staff member
Blame Magpie, but actually, if you think about it, seems kind of trivial to have this magical towns list page with (until very recently) not a single town on there as public. From an outsider's perspective, it makes it look as though there aren't any towns on Loka. So, we made the decision that all town pages will be public.

Now, before you freak out, we're going to limit what public folk can see, of course. Most likely, what will be visible to the public is your town name, town banner image(s), and the owner. All members, subowners, and town forums will stay hidden for town members only.

To look more attractive, and to better and more accurately represent Loka, we feel the active towns on the server ought to show up on the listing page, even if it is just the town name and it's front page/board.

This post is to let you all know that it's coming so you aren't surprised by it.

Another thing to note for those of you who may've wondered. When a town does die and its generator deleted, this will not immediately reflect on the website. You'll not be able to use the listing page to be able to deduce which town has just died. As of now, only I can delete a town from the listing page and I will be responsible for pruning dead or possibly inactive towns. Timespan wise, I'll either wait until the town has been raided, or just give it a couple weeks. You thieves act fast, usually, so I'll just use my own judgement as for when to delete a town's site.