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Suggestion changes in new cove map


New Member
1. add back kb 2.

kb 2 made the experience much more enjoyable, and it only became a problem once people realized that they could just pearl up on one of the 3249328040239 cliffs in current cove and kb ppl down who pearled after them. With this new map, however, this will be much less viable due to the different layout.

furthermore, teamfights without kb 2 are aids and kiting is ridiculously easy

2. return to unstable items

pretty simple. stops ppl from e chesting loot


Active Member
1. Dont add back kb2

kb2 made the experience much less enjoyable, and it was always a problem, instead of pearling up on one of the "3249328040239" cliffs and KB people down, now people dig up gank holes, its p much the same both are meh but it is what it is. Kiting is not easy because of KB2, kiting is easy because docks exist, in zyre you would not be able to kite because there arent any docks, you have to hop on the boat and pray that nobody shows up for 3m.
If you want to remove kiting you need to remove docks.

2. Whats the issue with people echesting a set, theres billions of them anyways its not like you echest shulks so its p much meaningless


I'd say a good balance would be kb 1 since it doesn't add too too much but you also aren't sending people super far


Active Member
+1 add that kb my love back to cove for me to finally be freed and get my easy lagger kills on the 120ms people again


Well-Known Member
-1 The kb is just cringe and i don't think much people echests the sets they get while ganking, at least i don't


Active Member
why you guys want kb back, its such a crutch you guys should be happy they removed it, it actually improved so many people its crazy