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Changes to Nether Spawn


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So if you don't know already, I am the main architect of the nether spawn.

Last week we had some issues with people being directed from the surface spawn portal to Century's nether portal and a lot of people got stuck. Magpieman moved the portal up from my little netherrack cave to the hanging obsidian arena. I've since centered the portal and added four pillars of water for easy descent.

The next problem was that it took time to swim up the water and it made players easy targets for ghasts, which blasted everyone off to their death. I have attempted to fix this by placing a secondary portal below the Nether Brick platform. It is a 1-way portal that takes you to spawn. When entering the nether from spawn you will still be deposited onto the hanging obsidian arena. Let me know how this works out.

Finally, I am converting the netherrack cave which used to host the portal into a couple different things. It will be a gallery of all (or most) items in the nether. I still have a few items to collect and with 1.5 will come a few more additions which should make the nether much more fun (not that it isn't fun already, right?). Also, I have added two tunnels that leads to the blaze grinder and the nether rail hub. If you have trouble opening the tunnels let me know and I will assist you.

Q & A

Q: Water in the nether?!?!!
A: Yes. No, ice does not work. No, admins cannot spawn water.

Q: Won't someone steal the water?
A: No, there is a worldguard region of approximately 15x15x256 around the nether portal.

Q: Is there a beacon in the nether?
A: Yes, I placed a beacon in the ceiling. At the moment it cannot reach down to the lava, but hopefully that can be changed. The beacon has a few purposes. First, it allows players to jump straight from the hanging arena to the ground, but be careful, it takes a lot of hearts. Secondly, the hanging arena was built for boxing matches. It may be a bit more difficult now that the portal is up there, but you can still have fun trying to punch each other off. Lastly, it is meant to counter spawn killers. Unless two players agree to fight, it is absolutely prohibited to attempt to kill them near the portal. Anyone found to be doing this will receive severe punishment.

Q: Why is the eastern bridge broken?
A: As of December 31, the eastern bridge is open for travelers.

Q: Are you going to add anything else?
A: I do plan to add some obsidian towers built specifically for hunting ghasts. Don't worry, I'll build those after I finish the eastern bridge.


If you have any questions, suggestions, or something breaks please post it here.


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Nether spawn to Nether Rail to Blaze Grinder

A set of tracks along with a partial revamp of the nether rail hub station will be done. Zor said I can lay the rail and do some changes to it to remove the sandstone and make it a bit more dark a nethery.



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The eastern bridge is complete. Thanks to Psychedelic who donated all the obsidian.


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Just a general nether update here.

In 1.3 the ability for entities to travel dimensions was added. This includes mobs, arrows, dropped items, and any minecart/boat that does not have a player in it. This feature did not work on our server. Now it does.

That is all.


So hypothetically, I could create an adjoining nether portal with the one at spawn, and have a chicken spawner built in the over world, and flood spawn with chickens?

The invasion begins!