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Computern applying for Sentry

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Age: fourteen.

Current rank: slicer

Which rank you are applying for: Sentry

What you think is expected of this rank: Chat moderator, ban and kick griefers, spawmmers, hackers etc. To help new players with whatever problems they have.

Why you think you should become this rank: I have a lot of experience on Loka. 3 proper towns. (Capital, Central, Century). also I have had past experience being admin before on other servers and also running my own server.
I think im quite helpful. And in my time zone there are no active admins.

When you started playing on the server: about 7-9 months ago. around December 2011 I believe.

Time zone in relation to GMT: +12 (I think) not many admins in my time zone and I never barely see old ones.

How often do you play (hours a day/week): on weekdays about 4 hours a day. weekends about 6 so total per week is 32 hours ish.



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Awww no replies :'(
Yeah i put in my hand as support. Not being so immature now that those stupid wars are over. Sentry all the way :D
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