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Dirt Cheap Diamond Picks, Chain Mail and Diamond boots


I have acquired a very very good npc and now offer these amazing deals to the server:

1. 2 Diamonds for 1 unused unenchanted Diamond Pick
2 15 Diamonds for 10 unused unenchanted Diamond Picks

3. 2 Diamonds for 1 unused unenchanted Diamond boots.
4. 4 Diamonds for 1 unused unenchanted Chain Mail leggings.

now also selling chain mail chestplates. 2 diamond each

I have basically unlimited stock of these.
Please contact me ingame

sorry diamond pick offer has gone. I over used it.
chain mail is overused. 2 left currently though
allies get cheaper rates

OKAY latest update
I have an NPc farm thanks to luci and offer cheap deals on most diamond tools, some diamond armor, chainmail and other things like glowstone arrows and bottles of enchanting. Please Contact me for more info. I plan to have some sort of NPc market/Shop in century.

Today's amazing deal: 1 brand new diamond pick for 1 diamond. That's 1/3 of the price!