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eyvahh (10TOESNEVERLACK) for Pve Dev


Well-Known Member
Age: 14
Current rank: Settler
Which role you are applying for: Pve Dev
Why you think you should become this role: I have been playing in the server for a long amount of time now, I know the player base and how the server works. I care about Loka and I believe its one of the most well put servers put together. I want to join the the team because I believe I can be a good addition and actually help the server.
When you started playing on the server: April 8, 2022
Time zone: GMT-4
How often do you play (hours a day/week): 2-3 hours a day/15-20 hours a week

Favourite NPC on Loka: Misira (She is so fine)
Example of a quest you would write if you were accepted:

1st Page
Greetings Lokan!
I have a quest for you that requires some experience.
In Aladra, over the past couple of days
Library has been targeted by thieves.
Who are stealing the books!
This has caused great concern Lydia.

2nd Page
Now, your task is to track them down.
They have left a few clues during their escape
You have to find those clues and bring them together!
Retrieve those stolen books, and bring them to justice.

3rd Page
Misira has provided us some information
about the thieves, including the place
they been hiding the books.
You have to use the information given
to locate them and apprehend the thieves
before they do any more damage.

4th Page

Be warned tho, the thieves on Loka
are cunning and elusive, so you
will need to use all your skills to
catch them. However, Lydia
has promised to reward
your kindness by giving you
access to the archives where you can
get many types of old valuable books!

So, will you accept this quest and help Aladra
become a safer place?

Rewards: Access to a secret place at Archives where you can have access to old/private books.