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GreeneryTFMP's PvE Dev App


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Age: 17
Current rank: Settler
Which role you are applying for: PvE Developer (more specifically skin making/editting)
Why you think you should become this role: Well initially I was just gonna mind my own business but friends told me to apply so I said why not help out the server I like the most, It'd be cool if I left a mark on loka, For the past months I've dedicated myself to solely skin-making/editting, I am confident in my skills and I'd be glad to help out in the server (you may check my namemc to see my long list of previous skins)
When you started playing on the server: April 15 2022, but been around the playerbase far before
Time zone: EST
How often do you play (hours a day/week): I am ashamed to say that my playtime can vary from 2hs to 16hs a day.
Favourite NPC on Loka: @ThePigGang (Aladran Guard, cool clothes)
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I think Arc is the only skin maker so it would be great for her to have a teammate


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Can you show examples of skins you have made from scratch? It seems like a majority of your skin work is just head replacements from a quick look on our end.
sure, this aren't MY skins that I use so I either haven't uploaded it to my namemc or did but have it archived, this are skins are made for other people, cause most of my skins are just the green blob in other clothes, make up, costume, etc. Cause I'm a big believer of staying true and loyal to one skin.
here's some stuff for ya

I haven't made many for other players outside of the loka com, im not a big fan of it either cause sometimes I get requests like "can you make this eboy's 1684261843709.pnghair darker and make him x clothes"which is annoying cause theres already 100k skins on namemc that are practically the same thing with something slightly different... anyway screw eboys, ive made some skins for other players in loka but there are odd cases in which I just use some clothe overlay I already made in the past for someone else and reuse cos I like how it looks hehe