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Gudbrandr, applying for Sentry

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New Member
Age: Fifteen

Current rank: Technically Sentry; re-applying

Which rank you are applying for: Sentry

What you think is expected of this rank: Chat-moderator, remove spammers and advertisers, chide people who use crude language and if necessary mute/jail them. In my time sentries also helped get rid of hackers/griefers.

Why you think you should become this rank: I have previous experience as a chat-admin on Loka, and have tracked down numerous hackers and griefers.

When you started playing on the server: January 2012, played regularly since March 2012

Time zone in relation to GMT: -6

How often do you play (hours a day/week): At least an hour every day of the week, hoping to play a lot more, but school will interfere with my daytime hours.


Staff member
Technically applications are still closed while we write up the rest of the ranks, but we'll just keep yours here for now and discuss it when it's all ready.


Artagan said:
I do not approve.
Support this, why am I not a good Sentry? I have given up PVP and am getting more and more active in server activities. I have experience, and Andre and I are the only admins in my timezone.
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