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Hearts of Iron IV: Renatus Char | A Developers Diary


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Developer Diary Entry #2
Well hey hey! I'm back with more updates on the Mod! Today we'll be focusing mainly on the map, and its evolving situation. As well as the situation mentioned yesterday about my base hoi4.

Map Updates
Well, let me be honest, not much progress. First let's put it into perspective. There are about 50 nations in this world, ranging from Ascalon in the west, to the Nether in the East. With everything left in between.

The total landarea is very much smaller than the base HOI4 map. However, it has almost twice the number of states. Base HOI4 has 834 states, while the mod has over 1500, with more to be added post editing (because I forgot to add Sandsetes States). Although some will have to be removed as I don't every single island to be it's own state, which won't be much fun to do, but it will make it fun.

Currently a little over 100 states have been assigned a nation/controller on all major continents + Aladra. Current added nations

Lower Sylvis
Upper Sylvis
Aladra (which technically owns the RIs and docks)

What's planned next is to finish the Trident Powers (Volterra, Vinovia & Sandsete), then move onto Garama and hopefully finish off all the national controls there before next update, however that is not guaranteed. The process to add nations, then the states to the nations isn't exactly a fun thing to update, Aladra was enough of a pain as is.

New Developer
I would like to introduce the community to the newest Renatus Char Developer. @kSleep. He is currently helping me develop the Ascalon Storyline, as well as its alternative Focus's.

The Trident Powers
The powers of Volterra, Vinovia, and Sandsete, known as the Trident Powers, as although has already been stated in previous logs, has an update to how they'll operate in this new world.

The Trident Powers is the first Inter-Continental Alliance recognized by the map, they won't be apart of any continental alliances however. So no Cov/BITS/Southern Defense Pact drama for Volterra, Vinovia, or Sandsete. Imagine them as the first intercontinental Great Powers. They control a majority of the islands found during the Exploration Period, and have strong Militaries to hold these colonial ventures.

They can be a big problem for the other nations on their continents. As if they go to war with these Great Powers before they've taken the whole continent, they'll be in a great struggle for survival. It's mainly a defense Pact, but thats what they always say. It's a Council, and if the Council decides you shouldn't exist no more, nothing will stop them.

Now they may sound overpowered, and that's because they are, however, at the beginning of the game, they'll have a major debuff to them, no war support, mediocre stability, and plenty of anti-war sentiments after the first event they'll be apart of, which does involve the Sylvi'. They are also the only nations not really affected by the crash of the shard, and still believe in old systems of combat, that will have to change as war comes to them.

After all, there is only one way the conquerer of a continents can go, and it's to knock out a tooth of the Trident.

Update to the Ascalonian Scuffle
How could we have forgotten? The people! They won't suffer for the suffice of the elite! As Ascalon drives closer to war, a movement, a movement by the Populace will ensue, against the Great Ascalonian Powers, the Covenant and the Grand Imperium will not like this new movement, so as war breaks out in Ascalon, a three sided struggle will break out. The Populace, The Covenant, and The Grand Imperium will go to war doe the future of the most important continents of all wars. The First Great War will begin because of it.

The populations of each towns core have been decided. Keep in mind, this isn't their total Population, as each non-town Territory adds 1 million to the total Population, however, town populations have been decided. Including the NPC Nations. I will post the chart later today as Im currently typing this mobile.

Closing Information
That's pretty much everything, if you'd like to help with this mod, whether it be story, or editing files, direct message Zachary N. Kaleno#0380
P.S. After the release of this mod, a small surprise will come, so look out for that.


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TownsTotal IngameTotal ActiveTotal PopulationTotal per TerritoryTotal Capital Population
Western Rivendale (Rivendell)11531,500,000.006,200,000.006,700,000.00
Wastia (Isengarde)101050,500,000.0010,000,000.0010,500,000.00
Western Fruitopia13637,500,000.007,400,000.007,900,000.00
Al Raltah19331,500,000.006,200,000.006,700,000.00
Upper Sylvis20228,500,000.005,600,000.006,100,000.00
Lower Sylvis37349,500,000.009,800,000.0010,300,000.00
Southern Valyria19325293,500,000.0058,600,000.0059,100,000.00
New Lindis7111,500,000.002,200,000.002,700,000.00
Cornerstone Canal13637,500,000.007,400,000.007,900,000.00
NPC Nations-----
End (Dominion of Aladra)70070,500,000.0014,000,000.0014,500,000.00
Nether (Dominion of Aladra)65065,500,000.0013,000,000.0013,500,000.00
Rivina (Dominion of Aladra)35035,500,000.007,000,000.007,500,000.00
Balak (Dominion of Aladra)40040,500,000.008,000,000.008,500,000.00
Gank Isle (Dominion of Aladra?)45045,500,000.009,000,000.009,500,000.00


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Developer Diary Entry #3
If you're still reading this, I thank you, a lot of words for no real reason, anyway, time for an update on the ingame progress, gonna admit, I really didn't do much over the past 3 weeks. However, some stuff was done, as well as for story, so lets get this done with.

Map Updates
Welp, going to admit, not much as well, added the towns of Hilo, Silverhand, Stromgarde, and Valador, and found a flaw, Imperial is missing its five states, so that means text file updating, attempting to get states in Imperial by updating what states have what province, etc. Noticed a lot of the really wet areas of Kalros (Ice wastes specifically), are messed up in terms of states, as there are about 50 states there. So that will have to be fixed, won't be fun, but will have to do regardless. Pictures 1656802931673.png
How is the Military System going to work?
Oh this is going to be fun, because a meta has basically been developed on Loka, its going to be hard to break these habits, so during the pre-war period, all towns will have to find a way to break this mindset in the mind of the generals, as new technologies clash, showing the deadly nature of the old mixing with the new, specifically through the first two civil wars. (Aladra, and Sylvis Civil Wars).

In nearly every country, it'll mostly be entirely be strong infantry troops. Because thats what it is like in todays modern Loka when they fight, maybe some will be seasoned. Possibly some horse units, no special units (like marines, paratroopers, or mountaineers) for these nations at first, and they won't even be available for two years, after which, they'll be getting updated faster. Tanks also won't really be available for the first two years, at least the modern version of the tanks.

However once September of 2026 is reached, most nations will be developing their modern tanks, not exactly the best, but early game is what it will be like. Not to mention for early game (2025-2029), there will be a massive production advantage for these nations, so they won't be behind on production for too long

Now how about the other branches of the Army, Artillery, Anti-Air, Rockets, and Anti-Tank. Well its going to be a bit of describing, lets start with the Artillery. Which will basically be angled TNT cannons. Designs will look like rail cannons, pulled by horses early on, from horse drawn field artillery, to then split into two branches, either horse drawn (eventually self propelled/hooked onto the back of trucks) mortars, and more advanced artillery. The artillery will have advantages against stronger units like tanks and horses, while the mortars will have advantages against troops due to their fast set up time. (You can use both, there will be support companies that combine both)

Anti-Tank will initially start off as small field cannons hauled by horses, soon being pushed into truck pulled defensive artillery, mostly used for defense, which will be important for specific nations. So if an enemy starts pushing you with tanks, get the artillery and anti-tank ready. Anti-tanks will be really cheap, but easy to lose (as in they will be fragile/lost easily if not in a province with a fort) (If in a fort, these will be more effective, however, units with Anti-Tank become more vulnerable to infantry units.

Finally anti-air. Which will basically be a bunch of firework rockets and crossbows stuck to a tow. As time goes on, they will become larger and more expensive, however, they will begin to automate (basically faster reload speed making it harder to fly planes through the area). Not really much to add here.

Finally the last major stuff about the army side, some Support Companies, the division designer will be explained later on, maybe a couple months from now. This will change as time comes. (Table at the bottom, no clue how to move the table)


Whoo this will be fun. Firstly, everyone starts off with regular boats, however, it will quickly grow into a massive industry, as only the civil war nations will have the unique boats unlocked.

The carrier class will be divided into three unique sections. The Fleet, Escort, and Prototype carriers, Fleet and Escort will only be available after finishing off the Prototype phase of that class (basically imagine the real early carriers from our inter-war period). These will consist of conversion carriers, the Fleet Carriers will be the big boy carriers, large number of fighters (Elytra, Lighter than air, and heavier than air aircraft, these will be explained later on in the Air Force Section)

- Prototype Carriers: Converted Frigates (Frigates are the wooden-staffed ships, something not made for modern warfare), Converted Cruisers, and Converted Transports.
- Escort: Basically tiny carriers you can easily build, costs less than the Fleet carriers, however, will have less space for planes/elytras. Can not carry Lighter-than-air Aircraft. Requires Converted Transports
- Fleet: The main strike force, the big boy large boats. Costs a lot, but carry plenty of planes, elytras, and lighter-than-airs. Requires Converted Cruisers

Battle Line
The Battle Line is pretty much the Battleship and Battlecruiser, Both will work exactly like in base HOI4, however, the Battlecruiser (faster, but lightly armoured), will only be allowed to be built later on, in like 27 or 28, right before the start of the war.

The Cruiser class is split into two, the Heavy, and Light Cruiser, however they will have different Hulls, so they will have to be researched independently, (as a result they will also be cheaper over all).

Destroyers will basically be like in base HOI4. just with models being slightly different

Air Force
Oh this will be fun, the early air force all nations start with is basically the Elytra path, two more will be unlocked once development starts in this field. The Lighter-Than-Air (War blimps), and Heavier-than-air (aircraft like in our real world)

In this universe, Elytras are easy to get, like not even your uncle bill doesn't have one, however, the stockpiles will slowly run out (Crypt Code will break the E-Dragon, so only one more E-Dragon can be summoned, and thats whoever has the egg. Again leading back to another questline.). Once the stockpile is used up, no more elytras. So to fix this, nations begin to start prototyping and creating their own elytra, which will basically become a jet pack with features.

B L I M P S, who don't want blimps all around? So to start, Blimps will be in three different classes, Carrier Blimps, Bomber Blimps, and Aerial Denial Class. Blimps aren't really known for being armored, so keep with close air support. However, these things suck up a lot of fuel ( a lot, as in, can't carry much), and will have to return to base camp, but don't get in their way, otherwise, they can do significant damage, but they can't take much damage. How will they fly without helium or hydrogen? Well hot air rises, so a bunch of coal burning is needed

- Aerial Denial
Basically a battlecruiser in the air, slower than aircraft, so it can be attacked. However, can do massive damage to ground units, so if you own the sky, this is your CAS if you have air superiority. Can be parked on a carrier
- Carrier
As it sounds, carries a bunch of Heavier-than-air Aircraft, basically floating air field, early models can't carry that many, won't be until mid-war where they will be useful. Can be upgraded to carry more aircraft (after all, it just needs a bigger balloon).
- Bomber
Carries a bunch of bombs, more than that of a bomber, and therefore can cause more damage, just make sure there are no enemy fighters nearby.

Pretty much like the aircraft in HOI4, Bombers, Close Air Support, Fighters, & Naval Bombers. With carrier based as well.

Pre-War Military Build up
This is pretty simple, most nations won't have the modern military, those who do (Both Sylvi, and Aladra), will have a massive advantage early on, as they have relatively quick breaking the bonds efforts, however nations who were used to war efforts the previous way, will have an entire Custom Focus Branch, which will have to be mostly complete before they start an offensive war.

Every Town is going to have a War-Room, you'll have to expand this to be your headquarters, each town will face different problems that arise, but the general premise is the same. Once Expand the War-Room has been completed, several branches will open up, lets look at a couple

Expand Military Headquarters
Simple enough, earns you more Political Power as you go through. Including some research slots
Expand Industrial Growth
Essentially gives you more Off-map Civilian Factories through this focus.
Kickstart Heavy Industries
Builds more Heavy Industries (Military Factories, and Dockyards), several of the focuses gives you numerous off-map factories. Including another thing, but that idea isn't fully fleshed out yet, so you will have to wait until I have it done
Air Development
Simple enough, will help develop the Air fields, Blimps, Aircraft, and Elytra Technology (As well as the weaponry onboard those aircraft)
Naval Developments
Again as it sounds, research into the Naval Side of things, which includes Carriers, Battle Line, Cruisers, and Destroyers. As well as the weaponry onboard those
Land Developments
Pretty simple as well, more tank production, more artillery, more anti-tank/anti-air, more infantry equipment production. Whatever you need on the ground, there it is.
Total Mobilization
Each town (including Civil War Towns) will start off with a National Idea, that will be replaced as this focus continues. The Civil War Towns start later into this focus tree. But as you advance, you gain buffs, and lose debuffs when you take this focus. Imagine this tree as the the tree to get rid of the Great Depression in the United States in Base HOI4. However, the last item on this tree won't be possible until Crypt completes an event in Yaddas. "Cryptite Admits Defeat".

Closing Remarks
There is so much I want to talk about, but I've already been typing this for well over 2 hours at this point, and want to get back to my life. So the basics of the military have been described. Basically saying there will be a massive industrial force that will be put into place, that will be fully mobilized by the time war strikes. After all, what Lokan Leader don't like to fight? Anyway, thanks for reading and supporting the mod. If you'd like to help me, it will be greatly appreciated, make sure to check out the Discord if you haven't already.

[Link No Longer Used]

Support CompaniesEffect
Potions KitAdds more potions to the division, making it stronger in all fields over all, however if under supplied, will be significantly weaker due to the armies use of heavy pot usage.
Barrage KitBasically the mortars and Anti-Tank, does more damage to tank and infantry units if supplied, if under-supplied, doesn't gain bonus
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Speaking of which, I'm looking for Builders to help. If you want to help, dm Zachary N. Kaleno#0380. Mostly for models and loading screens.


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Probably should also mention this one thing, you will not be required to have ANY of the DLC to play this mod, I'll make sure to that, if I like a feature (Such as Intelligence), I'll add it myself.


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Developer Diary Entry #4
Long time no activity in this field. I might as well explain some of the progress I've made, both in-mod, story, and how playing will work now that I've gone further into this field.

Well What have I Done now?
It doesn't seem like a lot, and that's because it really isn't, but all town files have been created, they may all be identical, but that will soon change. Adawee will no longer rule the world, much to his disagreement.

I've been combining States, as every single island is it's own state, and that won't due, not all are done, because it's not a fun process. But once that is done, I can really get to work doing the more creative tid-bits such as National Foci, Research Tree, and other creative work. Stuff that's actually enjoyable.

- Gank Isle, The End, All Ascalonian Towns (their cores, aka the tile they reside on), Rivina, and Balak have been added.

Story Development
Many developments in the non-continental nations have also been developed.

The End:
- A place haunted by the Ganks of Old, a ruined military, and a reinvigorated sense of National Identity, they'll no longer bow down to the players of Aladra, or of any continents. They just need a large enough spark to break away.

The Nether:
- Similarly to the End, the people and species residing here have had a hateful relationship towards each other, and now the species of the End. Specifically the pigmen are prepared to take the Nether back. They just need a large enough spark to break away.

- A nation born of people from Aladra, they'll remain loyal to whoever rules the Domain of Aladra, however a small group within grows more powerful years after the Aladran Civil War, I can't say exactly who, but they threaten to overthrow the Young Balakan Nation .

- Unlike Balak, these people aren't forged from Aladrans, but rather a multitude of backgrounds, they'd form the first Republic, yet heavily politically divided, if you're not too careful, the nation will erupt into civil war, and that will be impossible to recover from, yet will have a multitude of ways of enjoying it.

Gank Isle:
- A recently discovered Landmass that has the best land of all the world, yet a storm that wrecks havoc, construction speed will be heavily slowed, but, if you find a way to solve the Storm problem, you're unstoppable...

Industrial Concern
The current Industry system in HOI4 won't really match well, at least in my opinion with the current Lokan System. So a complete overhaul will need to come with it

Every Continental Town will start with a Basic Industries Researched. From there, depending on the town, all different forms of the current (and unadded) industries will be made (will be based off my Industrialization Revitalization Post, will post the link to that after this message).

Each industry will affect production, efficiency, and whatnot in different fields. Each tile (not state, but tile) will have one building that I highly recommend you don't delete, for you will never be allowed to build it. The building will be called the Territory Generator, or T-Gen, and it will be what the above mentioned researches will be editing. If you delete your towns T-Gen, you'll be in a heap of trouble, could be an interesting challenge, but I digress

Now that's for the non-player required industries. For the Player-Required industries, aka Factories.

The industry tab will be built from the top down, as well as the Construction Tab. There will be three different fields of industrial scale, two different fields in Industrial Production (What we have now), and an upgrade to Refineries, making them required to run an effective country. The same will occur with Dockyards.

Industrial Scale:
The scale of the size of the Industry Building itself.
- Heavy: Will be able to produce a large number of materials, however they're more vulnerable to bombers. Keep these bad-boys away from the front-lines. Will be the equivalent of four military Factories in cost and production.
- Normal: Will be able to produce a normal number of materials, still vulnerable to bombers, but won't take such hits. Equivalent to two military factories in cost and production.
- Light: Will be able to produce a low number of materials, but are practically invulnerable to bombers, equivalent to one military factory in costs and production.

You will be able to upgrade low Tiered Factories to higher Tiered, and vice versa. To convert to Dockyards, replace "Factories" to "Dockyards" in the above analogy. Same will also occur with Civilian Factories.

Refineries will also see a heavy upgrade, instead of producing oil, they'll produce charcoal, as all things will need Charcoal/Coal to function effectively. Refineries can and will produce other things, but if you upgrade into that path, for example Fortune III, the price for building the Refineries in general will increase, so best to build more than enough before hand.

I've been getting many questions about when this will be ready, posted, finished and such in dms multiple times by several different people. Now I am perfectly fine answering these questions, however I'd like to politely ask you to stop asking when it will be released. It's only a small number of people, but if that number were to increase, it'd get more and more overwhelming. If you have questions about features of the mod, or whatnot, then feel free to dm, but asking me when it will be released isn't really a necessary question, especially considering I'm doing this on my own free-will, along with the other Developers. We don't know when it will be released. But I hope to have the entire mod released between the 25th, and 30th of December 2022. There will be constsnt updates of course, but the mod will officially be released during that time period.

Art Voting
During the next few weeks, I plan to have a bunch of thumb sketches done for the mod, including for the logo, and the waiting screens. I'd like for you, if you can, to vote on them in the official [Link No Longer Used]. It's nothing that special, the server isn't particularly active from a community standpoint. But I use it to help develop the mod.

Closing Remarks
I'd like to thank you all for if you come to read this, even though progress is coming along slowly, it will come along and end soon. Also if anyone can inform me who owned Valador, or Wastia, I'd love to know. A short message today, enjoy your day, and catch yall later.
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Copying message from the Renatus Char Development Discord.

@Lokan Important message regarding the map. I will be restarting all progress due to the sheer number of states involved in this, will be simplifying the map to make sure there are less states when I make this. Somewhat good news regarding this is practically all current nation information will be able to he transferred, except for the states they own, however that's not hard to implement.


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Another important item to mention, I will be releasing all the files on the new Hoi4 LokaMC Map, so if anyone wants to create their own LokaMC Mod, they will be able to without doing as much work as I am right now. So look forward to that, however that won't be for a bit.


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There should be an update later today, was planning for right now, but honestly too tired to type this all up, will be releasing files with the next update. For those of you who already got access to the files, please don't say anything right now, I'd rather that gets out concisely, don't want to be dmed by like 500 people.


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Slightly late, but like I said earlier, here's the files for the mod.

Now I recommend if you're downloading the actual mod, to delete it after as I'm not sure how the workshop will work, or will it update it in your files.

The Mod itself without nations, Ive got all the nations added, however haven't had time to upload a working version with all the nations.

To install:
1 - Download both files
2 - Put both files in "My PC > Documents > Paradox Interactive > Hearts of Iron 4 > Mods"

Both files should be in your Mods folder, I can't stress this enough, do not put your .mod file into the HOI_Renatus_Char Folder. Make sure to open in debug mode.

Open steam, right click HOI4, go to properties, and open up general once in the menu. At the bottom is a text box. Insert -debug into the box.

Next open up HOI4 Launcher, and let me give you the FoxBad treatment.

How to open mods:
- Open Launcher
- Go to Playlists:
- - If you want to create a Playlist, go ahead, but click "Add Mod", and find the mod.
- Once added, open up HOI4 under the correct playlist, make sure you're in debug mode

Now if you want to create the map yourself. Open this folder and download all the files.

Also download this. Then move the right images to the right slots.

- The purple map is the land map,

- The Terrain Map will say its slightly incorrect by a couple thousand pixels, but let it autocorrect itself. I couldn't find for the life of me the wrong colors. However it won't effect it.

- Border Map: If you want to recreate real Loka Maps, go around all the continents and delete the extra borders in towns. Make sure they're straight lines.

- Colour Map.dds
On the final page section called Export, it's going to have you link to that file, make sure you do link the .dds, and not the .bmp.

That should mention all the important ones. Input all the files into their correct sections, and give it a name. After exporting, it should be automatically inputted into your Mods folder for HOI4, and follow the instructions above on how to open a mod if you've never done it before.


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Forgot to mention, you'll have to edit some files after creating mod, mainly in .mod, by updating version to the current version. However by this point, it's on you to do your research, I will help, just dm me if you want help.


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Small Report:
A couple things have been done as we're reaching closer to the release date.
- Continents have been officially added to the map. As in they're named-ingame
- Attempts to get the game to work without -debug, feel like I'm close, but yet no cigar.
- Aladra, Upper Sylvis, and Lower Sylvis are close to finish on they're trees.
- Oob is now being made, which creates and places units and division templates
- National Ideas have been added
- New Occupation Laws have been added
- The T-Gen has been added, which will get stronger the more you research its components.

Localization probably won't be finished until by February next year. Localization is the name of items. Localization is far better than just simply naming the items, as it'll allow you to create a new file only for Spanish, or Turkish.

So I could make the mod be in Spanish or Turkish, however not my highest of priorities.
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Due to the sheer amount of work needed to be done on the mod, it is unfortunate for me to say that it will not be released by the timed deadline.

However I am calling for your help! I'm looking for more people to help me, although coding may not be the most important part of most lives.

I am willing to help teach you how to code in HOI4, get all the necessaries done with, and more! So please, even if you don't think you could work on it, you can, call to arms, but more of a call to mod!


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Update: The mod now works without -debug which means Multi-player is now possible, however it's highly unstable and crashes upon creating a new campaign.


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Update: The raiders have yet to be found however Sandsete has backups to all lost books. The archives hidden within the town ensure we can recover during such unfortunate events. The library is back to full functionality and is now accepting visitors once again.