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[i] Italic text? [/i]


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"Will you stop already?"
"Will you STOP already?"

Which looks better?

"But I love this house!"
"But I LOVE this house!"

Which looks better?

The italicized? I agree.

We should be able to do like in chat like on the forums. IT would reduce the need for caps and it is less annoying then caps. Not sure if it is possible but if it is, it would be awesome, cool and convenient.


You don't account for the majority of text on Loka. While I'm sure that you take up a good chunk of it, so for the state of argument lets say you account for 25% of the chat on Loka. Even if you italicized two word per message on average assuming 10 words per message that's only 20 percent of your chat, and 5% of the overall chat. Is it worth it to change something for a 5% difference?


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Unfortunately I'd have to say it's a little outside the scope of minecraft to include that. Psy's right in that most people wouldn't use it. I have no real problem with people using caps on one word to emphasize things. Don't forget there's always the rp channel as well!