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Interesting stuff


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I took some screenshots of a conversation I had with a rather unique person on the server recently, and would like to post them here for the community to examine.

Earlier today, the halls of Asgard were visited by a very special individual.


After this, she left for about fifteen minutes. Knowing she would return to complete the message, I stood vigil at the foot of the throne.



I didn't get a screenshot of the very last thing she said, but it was something along the lines of "Good luck, warrior". Then she simply logged out, and hasn't appeared since.

What do you all make of it?

Also, it's marginally ironic that a goddess sometimes called Syr (sow, female mother-pig), and a member of the Vanir (associated with pigs in their symbolism and sacrificial practices), appeared first to me, a pigman.


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I, Zor95, have figured everything out. Where we are, why we are here, how we got here, who Preksak and Freyjia are, what the meaning of life is...

So grab some popcorn and buckle your seat belts.

The word Loka actually means world and it just so happens that we are in the place that is commonly referred to as the world. We're on Earth. We were all called here to protect something... but first a little history. Freyjia is the long lost sister to Frieza. Except she is good. And quite attractive. Preksak is a secret form of Frieza. They battle and stuff and we're here to protect the dragon balls. Oh and I'm a super saiyan. That's all.


She isn't nice, I got banished to hell because apparently, even though she is Norse, she doesn't fish for Swedish fish or eat danishes.