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Rejected Internal Exception, Can't Connect


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Edit: I turned down my settings and rejoined and was successfully able to login. Leaving this up in case others run in to this issue!

Hi, I'm here to report an issue I've been having all day today :confused:

I've been trying to connect, and as soon as I join my client freezes up, and after a moment I'm kicked from the server with this message

I've received this error notification upon entering the wild before and believe it is related to memory usage or something, is there a way I can be force tele'd to spawn or something to help fix this? Any help is appreciated :)

Thank you for your time!
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This can also be sometimes related to having a high render-distance, which gets weird joining the server and can cause timeouts on join.


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It's also the error yah get when the server boots you off because it's shutting down