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Irian Archaeological Society



Hello! As you may know, I am Nouvellune, former space smuggler, thief, bandit, rogue, and now current Head of Artifacts at the Irian Archaeological Society. As you know, this world we were transported to was once inhabited by peoples we can barely imagine. Even if we are in a deep crisis of continually being trapped onto worlds, being hunted by a crazy scientist with god-like powers, and now are at risk of another apocalypse, knowledge must prevail! For when we do escape, the worlds we visited will be put under the microscope of the scientific community. However, seeing as our worlds have the terrible habit of being destroyed, we need to preserve the artifacts that we have at our disposal.

That is where the Irian Archaeological Society comes in! We buy and hunt artifacts all over the worlds we visit, so that the society we return to may see them and learn more about the outer reaches of space and time. However, we are not as big an organization as we sound. This is where you come in! If you find any artifacts, such as cloaks buried deep in the wilderness, or places where there might be artifacts, such as an ancient library, contact us and we will pay you for the artifacts or their locations!

It is easy money; you explore, and get paid to do so! Contact Nouvellune if you have any questions or concerns!

Contact today, September the 14th, and get a free archaeologist's hat!

*Notice: The IAS does not support killing, stealing, pillaging, or blackmail to receive artifacts. However, due to many young archaeologists wanting to be anonymous, we do not ask how artifacts or coordinates are retrieved. The IAS also does not participate in deals outside of spawn, as we are a 100% legitimate organization. If you lose payment after donating items, we will not reimburse you. If you die during an attempted retrieval of an artifact, we will not send money to your friends or family.*

Join today!