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Kalyn's destiny (Story)


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You cannot choose your destiny. I can try. And I can be successful. Indeed you can try. But you will not succeed. And so Kalyn tried. She wanted to own her own town. So she created Mythia, but however hard she tried, she couldn’t keep it alive. Return to where you will thrive. Return to where you are supposed to be. Your adventure is over. No. I will keep working on Mythia. Mythia shall fall, return home. One day, Mythia’s allies were in trouble. Someone was attacking them. At the same time, she had invited her friend, mum, to visit Mythia. She started send the location of Mythia to mum, but someone else sent her a message, and, by mistake, sent the location to someone known as Jocelyn. She didn’t mind, it was the wrong person, but she could cope with two guests. Then her friend and ally Lea arrived. One of the people who was attacking her ally’s town, Der Riese, was called hip. Hip was in Der Riese, as Lea was. Hip injured Lea and her ally was teleported to the place called Spawn. When Kalyn, saw Hip had injured her ally, she ran to Der Riese to help Lea. Lea and another person, named Psy, was there. Kalyn quickly set her home in Der Riese so if Hip injured her, she would be able to teleport back to her ally’s town. Eventually, they left. Kalyn teleported back to spawn, then she fell asleep…. When she woke, she found she wasn’t able to teleport back to Der Riese, where her home was set, or Mythia. She couldn’t get back, and she had been told Mythia had been blown up. She was in shock; her current dreams had been shattered, her heart broken. She survived a while in a shelter not far from Spawn. She also gave ownership of Mythia to one of the town members, Rocky, hoping she may be a better leader then Kalyn had been. One of her best friends, Godemox, had disappeared for a long time, but when he returned, Kalyn knew it was time she returned home. Gode had also lived in the same place she had lived before Mythia, and also moved to Mythia after Kalyn did. Kayln knew it was time to return home, to live the destiny she had not chosen. Time to admit you should have stayed where you can live your destiny. Fine, I’ll go back soon. And so Kalyn and Gode returned back Asgard, they were home. She still has yet to discover her place, the reason she must live in Asgard. She knows she has the power to do something, but she has the power to do what?