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Knowledge and Pictures Needed



So, a loooooooong while ago, Sir Mop B. III wanted to train me to be the lore keeper of the server. And then, well, I went crazy and decided I wanted to destroy him. I don't really want that title or responsibility, but I do want to expand on the wiki, because smaller, but important events are being passed over. So! If you have any of the following, please either document them here so some of the fellers editin' teh wiki can dazzle them up and post them on the wiki, or feel free to add it yourself onto the wiki, because well, some of the things on there are a bit... er... random, per say. *cough* The Yellow Flower of Too Damn Long Titles *cough*. (This post will be updated):

How it died, pictures of it, really anything.

Hunters Guild:
How it died, pictures of it, really anything.

Church Town Alliance:
What I wrote was a story, a great story, but a story none the less, so if there is any actually factual information on it or if it was just a made-up thing, feel free to add it! If not, I'll just add that it was indeed just a story, and probably write it in a book on Loka.


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Yeah, you're gonna have to leave that one to people that were actually there


I am adding information I believe to be correct. Please correct me if I am wrong.

Hunters guild is located between Sol and Haven. The building is still there tho griefed
Its members were: awesomefalcons, maggiekits, caesybeans, and deadly.

Their focus seemed to be learning how to use the bow/hunt/ survival

I am not sure the events leading up to the death of the hunters guilde.. deadly broke into HC when we were only a few weeks old and killed all the animals. Which in turn made me super sad.
Def, cookie, scoot and I found the guilde, raided them of everything and killed everyone in the base. We also found a book written by deadly admitting to killing the HC animals. Deadly was banned for 2weeks.

I believe either caesy or Maggie kept a journal of their experiences in HG

Hunters Guild was the first HC raid and first town/group killed with HC particpation. Before this event, HC was peaceful


Town five.

Town five was born from a split of tolbert. After the fall of tolbert, its members broke into small groups ....one of which formed town five.

Town five was found by thieves when two of its members were followed by someone on invis pot followed them to their portal. <,< >,>


Town five was somewhat protected by admins, after the first raid of five. The major thieves group made a deal to not touch five for two weeks. This was Five's opportunity to build defenses. The leader of Five, wizardz decided he hated walls and his members sucked at covering doors/ chests. The two weeks "safe time" ended and the thieves moved in. A few members of Five quit the server, but most moved only a few hundred blocks away to the Netherlands.