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Loka's Poetry Corner


New Member
If you're wondering what i've been doing these past couple of months since I've left Loka, here is your answer. I have decided to dedicate my spare time to the sweet, simple art of the verse. There are few things that can satisfy my mind such as this fine art. Without further ado, I give you an short story about something that happened to me earlier.

Twas going back home,
atop a 4 wheeled carriage.
In a vehicle painted chrome,
the driver was a savage.

I had eaten a heavy lunch,
mostly beans, some meat and cheese,
and then it hit me like a punch
and I let out the ghastly breeze.

It was quiet like a spy,
yet powerful as a bomb
It's odor made me want to cry
And hide away in a tomb.

Yet I had reached my destination
so the bus I had to leave
and leave them with my condensation
until they began to heave.

And thus my short story ends.
If you coudn't guess from the start,
What I released in the bus,
Was a deadly silent fart.


Wow that's brilliant andre.
Now here's one that I wrote for Jocelyn.

Flying through the air
With great speed
Everyone starts to stare
It's just what we need

It's a spatula, burning
Straight from hell
Twisting and turning
but then it fell

It landed atop an old oak tree
The fire spread to everything in sight
Soon the fire came towards me
So I can ran until the end of night

By early morning all was black
Nothing standing since the crash
I make a dash
but I fail
I see nothing, but a flash


Well-Known Member
The cold, yet soft white glow,
That the clouds had shifted to show,
The rising that had started to slow,
Silently he picked up his bow,

The moon, the moon shone so bright
One may have thought it was daylight
The stars, the stars a wondrous sight
And he aimed it, the sting tight

It blazed across the forest,
Flew through the trees
The target it hit,
no longer should they tease

The tallest tree,
One would see:
The Redwood so high
it touched the sky.

Pierced by the arrow,
a hole straight through,
He had known,
This is what he had to do.