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Suggestion Make maps not copyble


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agree with this. If I build something in the game there is nothing saying someone can’t steal my design. If I make custom lore there is nothing saying someone can’t copy it. I think if you share map art to someone else it’ll be outside of your control at this point. Unless we are thinking of making laws in game where you can sue someone for copyright infringement.
If anyone wants to make a whole new map of ascalon in the same scale then go ahead, but I wouldn't really call that copying tho because it's not my work. When i mean copying i mean taking my map then putting it in a cartographer table with another map.


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It's like copying the Mona Lisa til it's worth basically nothing and if it has no value there is no historical value to it, atleast for me.
Why don’t you sign it? Get a banner and rename it your username and then right click that banner with the map that the banner is in. It’ll pop up a little icon on the map that says whatever it is named ö