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Mopb3 and his banning spree


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So Crypt decided to shorten my banning to a day which ran out at about 2:30 this morning (EDT). I logged on and played for a bit until Mop logged on and decided that I tampered with the skype messages that Crypt sent to us while we were discussing the banned. I was then banned a total of four times as Joc continued unbanning me (by my request), and then he banned Joc as well.

Kind of rude of him.

Oh and here's the skype messages

[7/28/13 8:27:46 PM] Tom Miller: while i'll accept your critique on this matter since i'm the one making the rule in effect now
[7/28/13 8:28:29 PM] Tom Miller: actually, nevermind
[7/28/13 8:28:37 PM] Tom Miller: that line of thought goes nowhere fast
[7/28/13 8:29:00 PM] Tom Miller: since you and apparently the entire server was interpreting that rule wrongly
[7/28/13 8:29:02 PM] princess Jocelyn R: Crypt I request that for the time being... admins ability to look in chests be taken away.
[7/28/13 8:30:07 PM] Evan Eldridge: I'd hope a boy crying wolf would be punished then Magpie
[7/28/13 8:30:20 PM] Tom Miller: I'm reducing both your and Toi's ban to 24hrs

Edit: Removed screens - Crypt


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Yeah that was a communication fail there, forgot to tell the other admins about reducing the ban length cause I went to sleep.


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Zor please remove those screen shots, they show players coords on, which is not cool.