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Mtndome Harassment/ Not Knowing Rules


I was strolling through Albion innocently like any other day, but I noticed a sound. As I worked my way west it got louder and louder. It was the moaning of a hundred starving horses all trapped together in a small cage. Of course, I was as concerned as anyone else would be, but I had but a few melons on me. Nearby I saw a small wheat farm. I went to go gather some for the horses, like anyone else would have, but I was quickly discouraged as a generator was covering the farm and the area around it. It was then that I realized that the only choice I had was to trample the wheat, so I trampled it all. It wasn't even close to enough to feed all of the horses, but it wouldn't have mattered because as I scavenged the rest of the town for a bit more food for these malnourished animals; shortly after trampling the wheat I fell down the hole of natural selection.

Not long after this incident, Mtn asks questions about trampling farms in public chat. The main rule in question was
-1.8. Don't destroy other players crops or farmland, except for wheat which can be trampled for the wheat.
At first I try to answer his questions, but then he starts directing them at me. I honestly didn't realize at first that he was talking about what I did in Albion, because it hadn't even crossed my mind as being wrong. When I realized what was going on I tried to direct him to the rules, but he didn't seem very interested in those. He said we were just having a conversation. He tried to trick me into falsely incriminating myself by saying things like, "and you did this for no reason?" and "Don't you think that's a bit excessive?" When I would disagree with him, he would attack me, calling me disrespectful and threatening to use his admin powers when I was fully abiding by the rules. He forced me into a position of either falsely admitting to breaking a rule, or breaking a rule in not admitting. He seems to need to have power and authority over everyone on the server to be happy. Anyone who disagrees with him becomes a target, which is not something we need for in a Guardian. Especially one who doesn't know the rules. His main focus was on the fact that I trampled the entire farm, which for some reason he felt made it illegal. He used phrases like "A bit of wheat" and "A little wheat" when rule 1.8 simply says "wheat". When I finally either convinced him that what I did was okay, or after he gave up on trying to get me to admit to breaking the rules he then told me not to trample wheat in Albion again. I see nothing wrong with asking someone not to trample your wheat, but right after having an in depth discussion about the rules isn't the time to do that. As an admin you need to at least make an effort to keep your actions as a player and a rule enforcer separate, and it seems that he was trying to do the exact opposite in this case.
My question: Why is Mtn an admin? He seems to spend more time stretching the rules to create rule breakers than catching existing ones. Also he is never open to suggestion as he feels it challenges his authority, which is apparently very important to him. It is important that rules are enforced, but that doesn't mean admins going after people who wage war on them while overlooking the actions of those who live in their town.


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Psychedelic98 said:
My question: Why is Mtn an admin?
He brings to the field, much to my annoyance when I'm trying to do crazy shit like ban generators, an unbiased viewpoint, and maintains this at all times as well as upholding all of our rules to an exceptional standard.


Yeah. I figured you guys would get together and try and bombard the forums with these so called "Grievances" .
So, I will happily dissolve this issue as well. (Mag will be so excited the forums are being used)

As it actually occured,
I was strolling about Albion, minding my own business, when I came across two wheat fields, bare of their crop. As I have mentioned to the Albion horsemaster on several occasions, if he were to leave the farms unplanted again, I would beat him with a carrot on a stick. (ho hum) So, to see which of our members was at fault, I asked. No one recalled such an act. Dumbfounded, I recalled to see who all had been in the City. I had follow Zor, so it couldn't have been him. That must leave.... Psych. Of course. So, instead of accusing him of wrongdoing, I merely asked him why he felt the need to destroy two entire wheat farms. The main rule ACTUALLY in question was #1.3 Do not cause Unnecessary damage to the landscape. Seeing how Albion is an island, horses cannot be ridden to or from due to the ocean, and that I sure as heck wasn't giving him anything to take our horses, there was no ACTUAL need to destroy it. Yes rule #1.8 allows the trampling for wheat, however, nothing could have needed that much wheat. So, I merely asked him if he thought 2 whole fields were a bit excessive. I never accused him of breaking the rules. However, when someone says I am being incompetent or that I would look stupid in doing so, that would violate Rule #8 I warned him that he was being disrespectful, as I wasn't accusing him, I was having a discussion. Seeing how I have replanted the farms repetitively in Albion, you can imagine my disdain at having to again. So, I warned him as a player, not an admin, that if he were to trample my farms again, I would kill him (in my city) regardless of any agreement. Any timing after I ask if he thought it was being excessive, should be acceptable.
I am well aware of the rules, despite Zor and his posse's continued antagonism both on Loka and on the forums.
I have no need to stretch rules. I follow them as they are posted. You can challenge my authority all day long, but if you are doing it in a disrespectful manner, I better not see it typed, as that is again, against rule #8 Respect Admins, which is able to be kicked for.