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Mtndome's application for Guardianship

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Hey guys! You heard right, I am indeed applying for Guardianship. I realize my time as a Sentry has not been as long a some would like, but I think I am up to par with the requirements for the position. I realize that some folks may be wary of my recent lack of play time on the server, but I assure you that is to be of no issue. Due to my current schedule 24 hours on at work, followed by a 18 hour Clinical session, followed by another 24 hour shift, rinse and repeat nonstop for the past month or so. However, I will be online normally every day from now on, as my responsibilities have shifted at work.

On Loka: I am the project lead of Yggdrasil, and I have several smaller projects going on throughout Loka. I also own Oceanus, and I am of Sentry rank.

Outside Loka: I am an Emergency Medical Technician (an Ambulance guy) and I am in school to become a licensed Paramedic. I am an avid Skydiver, SCUBA diver, freerunner, hiker, and musician. I am a vegetarian, and I love music and reading.

Age: 21, very nearly 22.

Current rank: Sentry

Which rank you are applying for: Guardian

What you think is expected of this rank: Guardians have a special spot in the admin ranks. They are the first full admin rank; which makes the jump from Sentry to Guardian a substantial one. They are entitled to some of the most powerful commands on the server: e.g. Vanish and Teleporting. With this comes huge responsibilities. Guardians are required to balance rule monitoring with maintaining player respect and trust. Player often come to Guardians with questions on rules, or help with an idea/project. Guardians must have an in-depth knowledge of the rules, to be able to answer these questions honestly. On the same note, Guardians must seek out those that would defy the rules of Loka, and administer punishment as necessary. With the rank of Guardian, one must also be unbiased with events that take place. For example, If someone I didn't like started TnT-ing a town I was allies with, I could not /tpto them and alert those inside the city. I would have to watch and ensure that the rules were being followed and remain silent. All members of Loka should be treated with respect and equality, regardless of their reputation on the server. Guardians should also be servants to the player base of Loka, not rule over them or abuse their position. Last but not least, a Guardian should be felt as approachable from all players, new players and old alike.

Why you think you should become this rank:
I think I should be promoted from Sentry to Guardian because I now understand what it means to be an admin. Being an admin is not solely about running around and catching X-rayers, griefers, or showing new folks around spawn. It's about being a leader. Players come to you with questions and concerns, and as such, you should be able to respond and help them with whatever they need. I feel like I meet this criteria. I am very knowledgeable with the rules, and I am more than willing to help anyone I can. I know when to keep my mouth shut, but I also know when I need to speak out on an issue. I do not readily punish those that break chat rules, as I always give an initial warning, but I have no problem muting or kicking those that ignore that warning. I enjoy advising new players of the town system, and helping them locate a town or area they would be happy living/playing in.
All in all, as a very wise Old One told me, "There would come a time when you realize that Loka is much more than raids, or mining, or exploring. You'll know when that time comes, and you'll want more." That time is now. I found that I enjoy helping my fellow players and making Loka a better place much more than I ever did raiding, or mining, or exploring anything.
And now, I want more.
I want to better serve Loka as a Guardian.

When you started playing on the server:
August of 2012 I entered the original Slicer course.

Time zone in relation to GMT:
I am in Eastern Standard Time-5.

How often do you play (hours a day/week):
Normally, I average 3-6 hours a day. Recently, due to work and clinicals, that has been reduced, but will pick back up to 3-6 hours starting Sunday. There are periods of time that I will be off due to Work and Clinical Rotations, but advance notice is given to one of the admins, or posted on the forums.

Thanks in advance for taking the time to read this and give your input! See you on Loka! :-D

Skitch the Wolf

New Member
I find you to be quite mature. You think before you do and you've usually been very willing to help.

Not to mention you're an accomplished builder, as a VERY nice bonus quality.

I support this. +1


Well-Known Member
One of the nicest guys on the server, always means well. I'll give him a +1 especially now that there is likely to be yet another vacancy opening up for Guardians.


Well-Known Member
Wasn't entirely sure on this one, purely because I know just how much you like to raid mtn.

Overall yeah, we need more Guardians and you an Skitch are perfect to fill the roles.
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