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Does the new world have a name yet? I knew it wasn't going to be called "Loka" since that would be confusing. If so, whats the name? If not, we should come up with a name. I thought of one, some of you may not like it but it was just my idea.
Why "Lila"? you may ask.
Because Lila means "Purple" in German. The Blight was purple, and its because of the Blight we're here.
Why German you may ask.
If the server RP is based off of Norse Mythology, and I saw somewhere that the people who did the Norse Mythology stuff spoke German, that would be a good name.
Plus, it sounds a little like Loka and its not too long.
Lila. Cool, right?
(Imagine this being said really fast, cause thats how it was typed/said when I wrote this)