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New Battlefield.


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Crypt i have designed a battlefeild in creative and I wondering what you thing of it.

It is 20x55 for battle surface area and +10 to both for the lava around it. When I add the dome around it the lava will provide a light within the arena. Basically it will make you have to look hard through the darkness to find your target.

Arena Includes
- Trees for high ground bowing
- Walls for bow shooting
- Ability to fight on-top of your spawn points as who has the high ground.
- Lava deaths :D

Click for bigger view.



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I dunno whether you are saying to have this as a battleground or arena?

I'd say this would be good as an arena.


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Not bad. I'm not overly fond of like, sumo-style edges where one lucky arrow hit will hit your opponent into the lava and win the whole match for you, but others may feel differently. If you want, go ahead and upload your map somewhere so I can download it. I'm putting together a reel of player-made arenas for everyone to choose from as the two new arenas for Season 1.


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New photos + Download Link

Angled From the Corner View.

Center of the map.

From the start entry when gate is lowered.

Battlefield For Loka.zip

Change Log:
-Changed Oak to Spruce Logs for absence feeling
-Added a dome over-top to create constant darkness so arena relies on lava for light.
-Made lava on sides 3 wide instead of 5 increases battlefield size to 24 x 59