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New server/datacenter coming

For something like the third time, we're migrating Loka to bigger and better hardware in a new datacenter. Primary motivation for this move is:

* Faster CPU, for more open slots
* SSD storage, for more effective RAM.
* Location change from Austin, Texas to Atlanta, GA
* Datacenter has high speed links to major spots in the world.

The main effects should be more open slots and 30-50ms faster pings for just about everybody.

I'm syncing the worlds over to it now, and we'll switch over either late today or tomorrow. There won't be any change in the server address, so nothing for anyone to do, but there should be a short (5m or so) downtime as we do a final copy.
Server is down now for the move. I'll post here again when its done. Note that it may take up to an hour for your computer to figure out the new IP address for the server as the DNS record propagates.