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Other Story :)


This story is a bit of a change from the last, but I wanted to go for a more sci-fi feel in this one. Again, there may be spelling mistakes and all that jazz, but whatever :3 I hope to bring out a second book in this series, as this is just the beginning. Enjoy :D
p.s it's also a bit shorter than the other

The machines were quietly pulsing with the flow of energy in the cool, dimly lit corridor. Everything was quiet and tranquil, an awkward sentence for the place he was in. Keeping to the shadows, the figure moved forward. All he had in his hands was the single, short-bladed combat knife that was given to all marines in the first company. If this hadn't happened, he could have been an overseer. He was allocated to graduate last month, but it all crumbled before his eyes. The door infront of him hissed slightly as he held his glove to the access lock mechanism. He had been lucky so far. Not many of the doors had been locked in the shutdown. He looked down and saw the floor getting increasingly dirty. He could also tell from the horrific stench, lingering in the impure air. There was a sign up ahead and he could just about make out some of the words. They read; 'Munitions bay' and 'Research facility'. First priority was ammo, however you had to get through the research facility to reach it. Stealth would have to be the only option, so as not to attract their attention. As he approached the research facilities access door, a body became apparent, slumped in a vent access way in the floor. He decided not to linger around, looking for ammo in his belt, because of the grotesque state the body was in and because he needed to focus on his objective. A scuttling sounded in the roof, along with a faint dripping sound. They were near, but they hadn't noticed his presence yet. As the shadowed man crept forwards, the noises died down. He was again in complete silence. The next door approached and as he reached for the lock, he felt a faint shiver run up his spine. Again, the hissing sounded. The corridor was suddenly illuminated with white light, contrasting against the masses of blood, puddled in corners or strewn up walls. He needed to get through here as quickly as possible, then he could get to the munitions bay. Anything could be lurking around. Stepping cautiously between broken testing jars and cryo chambers, the silhoetted figure moved furtively towards the end of the room. As he made his way accross the deserted lab, a cryostasis tube caught his attention. Someone was inside it, more than likely unharmed! He placed his bets on the fact he was still alive and shuffled over to him. The tube was covered in ice crystals on the inside, barely making the figure distinguishable. He looked around for a lever or access lock on the main console, hoping it wasn't damaged. The lever he did find was busted, but soon realised an emergency handle on the pod itself. He stepped up to the ice blue cryo-tube. Suddenly a yellow glow emerged in the place where his eyes were.
"Holy crap!"
the figure exclaimed, jolting backnin the process. Two razor-sharp limbs shattered the thick glass and started probing around the pod, dripping thick, velvet blood and green ectoplasm all over the floor. As the now shocked figure scrambled up from the floor, more of the creature emerged. A mass of writhing tendrils slithered out of the cracks in the glass and started swaying around in the air. He hurriedly held his trembling hand to the lock and the hiss sounded. On the other side there was a lockdown console for the door. Now the creature was out of the tank, sliding accross the floor, bearing it's disgusting body. *Name verification required*.
"Goddamn it."
He typed his name into the console screen. J-O-E-L. *Access granted*. The door slammed shut into the creature's neck, snapping it in half. He crunched his foot into the decapitated head, making sure it was definately dead. As soon as he could, Joel ran towards the end of the next corridor. The pulsing of the machines sounded faster and in time with his heart beat. Joel stumbled up to the door and held his hand to it. It hissed and he almost fell into the room. Infront of him was the distinctive glow of a weapons terminal. He tried applying for an A-grade C-LMG, but even in it's broken state, it wouldn't let him access a commander grade weapon. All he had to choose from was a Needle Pistol, and Charge Gauntlets. He took both and chucked his knife on the ground. After further inspection, he found a nearly empty crate. It contained one small power cell. It was just enough to power his suit, however if he could find more later, he would take them without a second thought. Joel got up from the floor and noticed something that must have slippped from his view beforehand. A large navy blue helmet was on the cold metal floor, unmistakably, that of an Ark Warrior. It had a huge hole in the reinforced glass and green slime was dripping from the sharp edges. The crew only used the Warriors when they were being boarded... A faint tapping sounded accross the room. Joel spun on the spot, gun raised and charge gauntlet on. The blue sparks arked in the air infront of his body. He allowed his eyescreen to turn to infared, so as not to illuminate anything. Faint spots of white, surronded with red, filled the area infron of him. He turned to night vision and the thing noticed him. More monstrous than the last one, this creature was almost ten feet tall but without any kind of limb. Infact it looked more like an infected human, pieces of armour poking out of its masses of flesh. It's most noticable feature were it's hundreds of tiny glazed, black eyes, all blinking out of time and making slight squelching noises. He turned off his night vision, whilst stepping backwards towards the weapons terminal. The liquid cooling was directly above him. Surprisingly, the huge mass of flesh started moving towards him. This had to work first time. It lunged, bearing a huge fleshy limb, which would surely have killed Joel if he hadn't dodged it. A bullet pierced the pipe above the now dazed creature, spilling freezing water all over it. Joel quickly pounced, extending his arm into the body. The charge that was sent through it's body was close to 200,000 volts. It couldn't survive such a shock. The mass was now limp. Who knew if it was alive or dead, but it was definately done for now. Joel cautiously stepped around the body, preparing himself, incase it was still conscious. His eye-screen, however, showed more red and white blobs appearing in the roof and the vents attatched to the ceiling and walls. He sterted into a slight sprint for the next door. He half smiled to himself, almost thinking of this as a 20th century platformer game. The door hissed open and the next corridor was revealed. There was some large steel containers, stacked against the walls. Probably filled with plasma. Some of the grates were missing from the roof, suggesting that the creatures had already been here. An iron scent of blood, gradually became stronger as he walked down the long, encased, shut off corridor. Several bodies came into view, pinned up on the walls by razor sharp claw pieces. They looked to had been what humans would call 'torture', but Joel knew this was just what they did normally to foreign, unknown species. The heat vision showed that the bodies were old and had been up there for days, possibly weeks. Hopefully the creatures had moved on by now, maybe into the next room, maybe further on...maybe even onto a different station overall. One thing was for sure. There were very few other survivors, if any at all. Thankfully, the bodies were hanging inside their suits, preventing the smell from escaping into the air. As he tentatively walked past, his shoulder brushed one of the suits. It fell to the floor with a slight clunk, which caused Joel to ready himself. The suit was empty. No blood on the inside, no body parts, just a suit. Had they not been killed? If so, why would these creatures want live humans? The thought disturbed him greatly and he decided to carry on moving while he could. Along the corridor, the thick metal of the walls was twisted and mangled and looked like screaming faces of the ones who used to be here. The next door looked different from the others. By the looks of it, the reinforced metal doors had been activated. He dreaded what was on the other side, however if he was to get off of this station, he needed to proceed. He knew that this would require a Commanders' password to open, however his best friend had been a commander. Only a few years older and a good friend. Joel didn't know what had happened to him, but he hoped he was still alive somewhere. He walked up to the console at the door, the screen flickering slightly. As predicted it asked him for a password. He entered the words *When man and machine become one*. The door hissed, air being sucked away from him slightly. Joel realised what had happened beyond the door, just as the warning lights turned on in the current corridor. He ripped his hands into the metal railings in the floor, gripping onto anything that he could as the air was sucked into the gaping hole in the next room. The single power cell in his suit ran out of charge, just as his helmet slid over his face and sealed to his suit. The force of the vaccum of deep space won. His body was flung from the doorway and was whisked around like a ragdoll, smashing into debris of the ship, crates and machines. He was off of the station. There was one last glimpse of the station before he blacked out. Not much was left of the Alpha Sections' Station. A burning mass in the middle of a foreign galaxy. The only life left was him and the monstrocities boarding the huge metal space station.


andrekeroxd said:
Nice piece once again. I got a Dead Space vibe, did you get inspiration on this?
Yeah, I did take a lot of the atmosphering from dead space. I love the suspence from the first two games and I tried to incorporate that here. :) Thanks for the feedback, once again!