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Suggestion Please add a way to see Elo after bedrock


please make it so that once you’re bedrock you are able to see your and whoever else is in bedrock Elo or add bedrock 1 2 and 3 like there is netherite 1 2 and 3


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no just add another set of ranks after emerald or smth to dilute the ranks so there arent 5 bedrocks


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No I dont and there was like 15 neths aswell, it feels like the rank has lost its meaning
I disagree. Every game has a fair share of high elo players. Without a good amount being in high elo, it would be boring. Compared to the other ranks, I think the amount of netherite and bedrock players is completely fine. There were about 50 emeralds, over 100 golds, 200 irons, and 200 coppers.