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New Member
Thanks Jedi, I miss all of the Lokans as well :) But worry not, I am doing fine, nevertheless, I am forced to respond to such a magnificent piece.

The road I took was long and hard
To set you up for a Lokan Start
But in the end you settled well
And thus sounded the victory bell

But madness took over my feeble mind
and the blight started to make me blind
I griefed and trolled and destroyed a piece
of the city that you call DerRiese

I left Loka, as you will soon do
When y'all get the new world switcharoo
But my heart is strong and I'm feeling fine
No more need for you to pine.

We will meet again You and your dragons
And I will ride a pink spotted waggon
If you truly seek relief
All you have to do, is belif

derriese piece