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power for town owners


I would like to see town owners get logblock inside their own towns.
it would be very useful and helpful for running a town.
And often either because of a different time zone or cause they're being lazy, an admin wont come over and do log block unless it is 100% admin business so it would be nice to be able to have this power.


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Its an interesting idea, we certainly need to make it clear which players are owners in some way and can give them commands that are appropriate. Some kind of sub rank that would show they are an owner such as "(O)" in front of their current rank would be good. But i will look into the idea of giving owners logblock.


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Magpieman said:
Some kind of sub rank that would show they are an owner such as "(O)" in front of their current rank would be good..
Brilliant idea, I second this.

computern said:
Logblock stuffs for town owners
That sounds good as well, but I'm not sure it should be used just to determine thieves and such like. If it isn't allowed ofc then it will need to be said to all the sub-admins that using logblock to find thieves is not within the rules(Something which I support already because it has completely removed the elements of treachery and cunning involved in sneaking in, stealing from someone and them being none the wiser about it which I thought was really quite brilliant and suited this server well)


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I think town owners need a command to turn off their generator. Accidental lock-downs could never happen again.


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Yeah this seems like a good idea. Particularly like the new command ideas, but as mop said i dont think it should be used to find robbers. However the temptation to use the command will overcome many so i think if possible Logblock could be edited to only show who has damaged or moved the block perhaps? Dont know if thats possible though...


Logblock I disagree with, but the ability to turn off gens, maybe even cancel out a lockdown (i.e. gen continues to run until death) through commands would be nice, but that takes away the fun of having to wait for an admin and then whining about how your gen is locked down which gives more admins work and makes everything infinitely more diffic- Er, no point in rambling, it'd be nice to have.