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Suggestion Prowess Gambling


So I think it'd be really cool if we could gamble our earned prowess at the prowess shop.

Some example gambles:
Price: 25 Prowess
Win %: 25%
Reward: 50 Prowess

Price: 50 Prowess
Win %: 30%
Reward: 100 Prowess

Price: 100 Prowess
Win %: 35%
Reward: 200 Prowess

Price: 250 Prowess
Win %: 40%
Reward: 500 Prowess

The idea would be that the more you gamble, the higher chance you have of winning, but you never have enough of a chance of winning that you would break even.


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Might just be me that fails to see it. But why on earth would you do that?