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(I was banned on the 8th of June, 2013. Here are the events that lead up to my ban.)

For a brief moment, his sanity returned and he was andrekeroxd, the traveler once more. For three days he had not slept, fearing that, should he do so, it would take over him completely. The pandaren adventurer had made sure to stock up on speed potions so as to remain mentally and physically active as long as he could.

He looked around his underground obsidian vault and decided to climb up the ladder for a breath of fresh air. As soon as he opened the door, the cold air hit him hard and his lungs hurt for a fraction of a second.
Everfrost was still infected by the Blight and the biome had started to change and spread. He kicked the snow underneath his feet and he could see the sickly moist purple.
Rage overcame him suddenly and he went back into his vault and started trashing the place, hitting the walls and breaking the chests with his bare fists until his knuckles were covered in purple ooze.
“WHERE IS IT?!?” –He bellowed – “SHOW IT TO ME!! WHERE?!?” Then he fell to his knees and wept purple tears.

It had started when he made the voyage west. The damn, cursed west. The land of gods and riches. Halfway between the start and his final destination, he had found a jungle temple being taken over by the Blight. Only he didn’t know what it was at the moment and, in his thirst, had taken a drink of water from a nearby river.
The purple had taken over. Even further west, ravines of Blight had swallowed testificate villages entirely, water had remained stationary and invisible barriers had blocked his way many times.
When he returned, he was not the same. His mind would go blank and he would not remember what he had done for large periods of time. Shortly after his return, Hyrule, Asgard, Century, Helrune and Ember fell to the blight.

Surrounded in darkness, he hugged the obsidian floor upon waking up. Obsidian. He lit a torch and his eyes saw ashes and burnt spots all over his vault floor. Andre checked his pocket only to find some flint and tinder.
His brain had a fleeting glimpse of the ASA lab. Maybe there, he could find what he needed. What his body, mind and soul were so desperately seeking. Was it a cure? An antidote? The pandaren did not know but he since he had come back, he made many choices based on instinct.

As he traveled to Oceanus, his mind tried to think of pleasant thoughts. He remembered MUMILLIE and their engagement on top of Century’s Sky Tower. They had promised to marry each other with the coming of the next season, when winter was over. It was in Oceanus that he had fallen for her. Mtndome had first introduced them, for which Andre would be forever grateful.

Upon arriving to Oceanus, he quickly descended to the laboratory and began his search. Frantically, he opened files, searched the incubator, the test tubes and all he set eyes on. His vision began to blur, but he bit his left thumb hard. The pain acted as a stimulant. He could not lose himself to his inner demons inside the lab. Loka couldn’t afford to lose what Artagan and the other scientists had accomplished.
He took a second glance at his thumb. The purple substance which now flowed in his veins fell to the floor. A steady trickle from his wound started to make a small pond of purple blood.

His instinct assured him that Artagan would surely not store what he was looking for inside the lab. It was too obvious. He left the lab quickly and headed towards Lokan spawn. Where could have the pig left it? Not Hyrule or Asgard. They were both covered in the Blight. The pandaren was not entirely sure but he suspected he had something to do with their demise. He had found two double chests of Mycelium blocks in Everfrost and had suffered from hallucinations in which he planted these blocks in the great cities.

The answer came to him as a shock, even though it was quite obvious. Der Riese. Quickly, he thought of the impenetrable city. How the hell could he access the inner-vaults? He had no choice. He would have to summon the most evil of beings even though it would finish with his existence in Loka.
Once at spawn, he armoured up, took his Internet sword and his Swiftshot bow and bought a wither skull “Because I need to build a beacon”
Once he had his 6 skulls at hand, he was ready and set off towards Der Riese, laughing maniacally.

He regained his own mind amidst the sounds of explosions and screaming. The smell of death was strong, acid and metallic. Jocelyn and hip were beside his body: “What happened!? Why are you in Der Riese!? Why did you spawn those withers!?”
From within the central tower of Der Riese, they dragged his body through the holes in the walls, avoiding the falling debris and the corpses strewn about the floor.
“My end is near friends, please, let’s go to Spawn”- Andre said.

Once at spawn, staggered into the town portal, leaving a trail of purple at his pass. He went to the one chest where he held all that had meaning to him and got back to spawn quickly.

They were already waiting for him. MUMILLIE, daruks, JocelynReed, hip736 and yo_josh_man. The traveler wished more of his friends were with him at the moment. He gave a book to Jocelyn and his Internet to Josh. Then he took MUMILLIE to a corner of the Spawn Tower.
“I’m going on a journey. Take these” – said Andre, as he gave her a box full of unique objects.
“Don’t. You can’t. We are going to get married. We are going to live together in the new world” – MUMILLIE whispered softly with a look of strong shock in her face.
“It will be fine. You’re a stronger gal than you think you are. That’s why I chose you. daruks will help you as will all of Loka” – He replied.

He crawled towards the spawn bank and kneeled over a crafting bench. As he lay his head on the block, he said: “Loka, I thank you for what I could do and I apologize for what I could not” He raised his right hand, a golden hammer glimmered for a second, and yelled: “LOKAAA!”

Then there was a thud and a scream and Andre saw only purple.


Could blight madness have caused Andre to lose his mind? He was not himself that Night....

Is it possible Art?


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Heheh. Nice story andre, shame your writing talents can't bring you back to loka despite our wishes. Have a fun time out in the real world.