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Suggestion Rewards for submitting books


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This suggestion was first voiced to me by Zor, and I like it enough to post it here and get some more people voicing their opinions over it.

At the moment, the library is getting books infrequently, and as a result Crypt's policy is to accept any book that doesn't break the rules of the server in some way, regardless of how well they're written or what their subject matter is. In order to give us a larger pool of books, which could afford us the opportunity to be more selective and represent our server with better books, Zor suggested to me that we give people rewards for submitting books to the library.

People would only receive a reward if their book was accepted, and because reviewing a book takes time, giving the submitter a reward would have to be done manually by a librarian or Crypt. As for what the rewards could be, that's for Crypt to decide, but Zor and I discussed briefly giving people a small cash reward in emeralds.

An idea I just had, pretty random but maybe it's decent: the library could give people something similar to Prowess for successfully submitting a book, and if you earned enough of this Library-Prowess, you could eventually access some special restricted section of the library, or become a librarian yourself, or something to that effect.

My initial thought was that this would reduce the integrity of the library and result in people submitting books just for the reward, but that is, to me, effectively negated by the larger pool of books enabling us to be more selective. If we accept the good books, what does it matter if the motivation for them was material?

Post yo thoughts! I particularly want to hear from those of you who are actually interested in the library, lore, and writing.


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I love this idea. I would also love to become a librarian and help out with the books since i like to write books myself. Once my new book (Blood of Requiem) gets in the Library, I will probably start working on Chapter 2 of it since the book and quil would only stop at 50. I was hoping I could go to at least 52 pages because I wanted to add more but couldn't. So i ended the book early :( Oh and another idea i think you would might like is for every book that is accepted into the library, the player that turned in the book is rewarded 10 prowess and 5 emeralds..


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The problem isn't rewards or anything, it's that it takes FOREVER for your book to make it to new arrivals. If books were added weekly then people would start writing and submitting, knowing their book has a chance. I already know a lot of people who turned in books.


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special restricted section of the library

So are we talking like adult only material in this special section. lol jk let's be serious.
I do kinda like the idea of rewards, but I agree with fluffy that books take freakin forever to become entered in the library. I suggest that we organize the library better. Ie actual sections like a real library instead of searching through all the bookshelves for one book. We could have sections for old world lore (death shovel, old spawn, preksak or whatever that wakkos name was), player lore, funny books/songs, and horror books.


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Adult only material ☑
I do recall submitting "The Lusty Argonian Maid" v1 (and v2 maybe?) at some point.

Lol, funny you guys should mention this. In our discussion about how low our standards ought to be for admitting books to the library, Jocelyn briefly suggested allowing, er, x-rated books in. Basically, if it can't go in public chat, it can't go in the library.