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Saturday, May 4: Special Auction


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As requested by Psychedelic98, an auction will be held this coming Saturday. It is the normal day for auctions, however, the time will be changed. Providing attendance is acceptable, Psych plans to sell a number of valuable items. Anyone else is free to auction their items as well so grab your diamonds and mark your sundials.

The auction will take place at:

3:00 P.M. CDT
4:00 P.M EDT

8:00 P.M. GMT
9:00 P.M BST

6:00 A.M EST (May 5 @ Sydney)
8:00 A.M NZST (May 5 @ Wellington)

My apologies to the Australians, but if many of you wish to come then I can kick it back one hour.

And sorry for the short notice.