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Season 3's New Arena Map


Staff member
Dunno what to build. Note that I like to build arenas that have a 'place'. Obviously most of the current arenas are straight ripoff's from World of Warcraft's arena system. Season 2's was a sliver of the old spawn, but season 3 certainly needs a new map!

Let the discussion begin as to what it might be. It doesn't have to be a place from Lokan history, but I always think it's cool when it is. So let's brainstorm some ideas of a new map, because I'll probably build it this weekend and release it when Season 3 officially begins (most likely Sunday).


Well-Known Member
Call me biased but the main room in Cathedral's cathedral would be pretty good. If that doesn't go ahead, I think it would be great to have somewhere from a different old city, maybe Hyrule top of castle, something like that. Any location could be modified slightly to suit the arena format, for Cathedral I would suggest removing the ceiling and leaving the stairs in the middle, for example.


I was thinking an old town too, but there are very few areas of towns that wouldn't require quite a bit of modification to be pvp ready. There were a few areas from The Reach or DR that would work out quite well for an arena.