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Suggestion Signs at market showing what items are in stock


New Member
My first trip to the market was right after someone had bypassed WorldGuard and managed to get the blocks out of the signs, leaving many empty signs and only a few with items in them. My first thought was "Oh man, that's cool, I don't have to open the chest to see what's for sale!".

I was wrong, the shop pretty much sold everything *not* on the signs, talking about this in chat I realized just how cool it would actually be, making your shopping more efficient.


Well-Known Member
I think it'd be easier just to have a wiki article or forum post with a full list. Maybe provide a link at the market.


Staff member
Out of curiosity, what shop was it? The item frames usually indicate all (or if not all, up to 9) of the items that the market chest below them (can) sell. If the chest does not contain those items, it would likely be simply because nobody has put that item up for sale. The item frames indicate what the chest CAN sell, not its current inventory. They're an indicator of the chest's capable contents.

So yeah when the item frames weren't stolen from, you could simply look at the item frames to see what to buy/sell there.