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Sponser a Ginger

Le Ginge

New Member
Hello Loka! Le Ginge here.

Our flat is doing 'shave for a cure' this year to raise money for leukemia. If you haven't heard of 'shave for a cure', you get a group of people together, raise a hell of a lot of money from sponsers, then shave all your hair off in support of cancer patients, a big challenge for the long haired females in the flat!

It's an awesome cause, so if you have a little spare change in the bank account, any amount big or small will be fantastic, could you please follow the link and donate? Lots of people will thank you for it!

Ps, dollars and such preferred, diamonds and enchanted picks not quite so useful!

http://www.shaveforacure.co.nz/view_gro ... ofile/1329