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The capital/central wars news


I will post news on this "war" .
basically between central/ ex-capital residents VS big,Su1, Gud, person, Nov ,Zor
but mostly big.
For more info on this war visit the wiki.


Update: KyleBlanset has blown up central.

Suspected to be Bigs alternate account .
After gaining entry by following memrme via the nether route,
Kyle was almost given perms. Art wanted him in.
But I didnt give him perms.

At sometime between when i was off for the night, He somehow got into the gen room ,
(Suspected to use a similar technique to big in the capital takeover) he took down the gen,
looting 1 gold block and some cookies. He then proceeded to loot the town.
Then after taking all he could find of value he continued to blow up town.
Targeting my Apartment Building and Brand spanking house he ruined them, And while
blowing my brand new house to smithereens he found 1 of my secret chests and looted that.

Apparently Big then logged on and killed him several times as I believe to be a cover up and a way of getting my gear off his other account without looking to suspicious

As kyle is believed to be banned we will not get compensation but a few questions remain.

Why did he want to sabotage and destroy Central?
Why did he target me?
Apparently he was wearing diamond gear, Was someone supplying him?
How did he get into the gen room?


Quite recently dolt was caught stealing and became a backstabber. He was banned for
Griefing it is beleived. As I was not around when this took place I ask u to bring forward more info on this.


We are on the verge of another war (or a continue of another).

Midgamerx aka Artagan recently looted almost the entire vaults at fort ember. It was a great achievement.
Unfortunately KingJarden aka Gudbrander has spied on us and worked out who mid was. this terminated our peace agreement with the alliance. they have logged a treaty with us saying either we give back all their values or they will crush us. we have 2 days to decide (now 1) . We have already been looted and killed and lost around 128 d's. If we don't agree to this treaty it will cause a war and for some reason it never seems to end...

And all this started because of the takeover of capital,
And what has happened to the once grand city?
Their plans of making it better have failed miserably. It is a disgrace.
It lies in ruins with every building griefed and ruined.
So I ask you alliance? why ?
You wanted capital to be better. instead you ruined it.
this war has been pointless. the only point is so you can be even richer.
The alliance is just plain greedy.
I have had any of my members asking why is Zor an admin when all he wants do to is destory?
Admin is about keeping the sever safe and fun. Not ruining it like Zor.


so much for the 2 days of peace.
Zor lured many of my members to spawn and killed them using potions.
As usual zor (dubbed "the black sheep") has lied. and is being cruel as per usual.
why he is admin it is not known.


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Oh where to start...

You know the reasons I started this and hopefully I'll never have to go through them again. It was supposed to end at Capital. I removed any resistance you gave me, bought the city from you, then gave you supplies to get started on another town. I also advised you at that time to make armor for your travels. Unfortunately you didn't and every single one of you died and lost the supplies. That then became my fault and since then the verbal assaults have not ended and you continue to resist. It should also be noted that we did indeed have many plans to make Capital a better place and a center for newbs, specifically a series of farms. Our plans were spoiled when members of ex-Capital came back and griefed it, then Computern gave them the okay so no actions could be taken against them.

Now why do I continue to attack? As stated above the verbal abuse continues day after day. Mag and Spunk can attest to this fact. Personally I don't really mind it, but it disrupts the server and has killed the community. Instead of normal conversations the day goes something like this:

You suck zor, go to hell, piss off, everyone go kill zor, you're the worst admin ever, you're all a bunch of cowards, etc.

It is understandable to be angry at me and the others who are attacking you, but that's just immature and rude. But there are more reasons for the attacks. Central was supposed to be safe for you guys. We destroyed your old home and then we were going to help you build up a newer, cleaner, safer home. There is absolutely no team better equipped to do that than Pallet City. That needed co-operation though, which we never got. Whenever there was admin business to do in the city, like with Dolt and Kyle, they would let us in and we'd work together. As soon as we were gone though it was back to the insults, preparing weapons for battle, and convincing the server we were hacking, abusive devils. We attacked you first of all to show you that fighting us is pointless and not worth your time, and to show you the consequences of what you were doing. You were making enemies in a brand new city when you couldn't even defend yourself. I don't need to explain what all Bigpizza can and will do to you. We were trying to PROTECT you.

Despite all of that we did manage to have two weeks of peace. After Su1cid4l and Bigpizza raided Central together it was declared that all attacks on Central were banned. This ban would last as long as Central did not attack anyone, and if they did that city would be given full rights to war. Almost as soon as that protection was given Artagan had the bright idea to use a friend's account to infiltrate Pallet City and then rob it dry. Last weekend he finally acted and requested permissions from me in Ember to decorate his vault, as I allowed every Pallet citizen to do. Yes whoever is editing the wiki, I did watch and allow him to do it. I did not know who he was, but it was obvious enough he wasn't a main account, so I let it go.

The funny thing is while Art was infiltrating us, we were infiltrating him. Gudbrandr used his alternate account to join Central and become their spy. It was him that Art trusted the knowledge to that he was Midgamer, and Mag later confirmed it. Pallet was angry that Art had stolen their items, I was angry that Art put Central in danger like that. So this time Gud led the attack and we stole anything valuable from Central that we could find. We then proposed a treaty with Artagan that would give us all the stolen items back in exchange for absolute protection and help for Central until their defenses were to their liking and they could properly defend themselves. After they were ready we could war with them all they liked. The next day Computern logged in and right off the bat refused it. He said he would rather burn the items rather than give them back to Pallet. He also said we could do nothing to him or Central and that we would never get anything. So naturally I went straight to Central and killed Lavalog and Artagan (technically he committed suicide) and I got away with 120 diamonds. When the rest of Central learned about this they were a little angry, but not overly so I think. But then Cap logged on and he just cracked. He went on a blind rage and set out to kill us... but then couldn't get into Pallet so of all places went to Bigpizza's town and killed his farm. Spunkiethefirst declared this an attack which gave full rights to Bigpizza to attack Central. What a great way to spend your admin protection.

And so we come to last night. Artagan took Nouvellune to Cathedral to discuss the attacks and figure out if there was anything he could do to stop it. Nouv decided to give him two days to convince Comp to accept the treaty. It was HIS agreement and HIS alone. I did not agree to it so at best only Pallet was bound to the cease fire. Art and Cap then approached me about buying some bows. I agreed to sell them bows if they met me at spawn along with Lavalog. Football and Cookiemonsta were kind enough to drop in too. Once everyone was gathered I began spamming damage potions and everyone but Cap was killed. I believe I saw Nouv toss a few potions as well so if you count that as breaking the cease fire then sure, but I did not ask him to do it and I am in no way responsible. Central lost very little but Football and Cookie lost quite literally a fortune. I do feel bad about killing them but they were hired as guards for Central and at this point it is really more of a hate war than anything. We're all sick of each other just want each other to lose as much as possible. Artagan himself warned them both about the dangers they faced by protecting Central, and Artagan was also the one to discover that potions work at spawn now. I think it was two days ago he tossed poison at me next to the town portal?
Anyways, they fled to Cathedral to hide their items and then went to Football's base to make potions and enchant weapons. I waited maybe 30 minutes before following then I took a few shots at them before leaving for the night. No one was killed.

That is the story as unbiased as I can tell it, but I would like to bring up the accusations of admin abuse again. As a sentry I don't even have powers to abuse that might help me in this conflict. I am also not above the rules. I cannot hack, cannot xray, and I do not have any sort of influence over the other admins. None of you, including you Crypt, have seen me work either. I've spent at least a month on this server as the only active admin and to this date not one griefer, xrayer, or hacker has gotten by me. So just stop. This would be no different if I was a slicer or a settler.


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In fairness, Zor's right. Nothing about any of this has to do with ranks. Even if everybody in Pallet and Central were Wanderers, there would be zero change in the outcome of the war. I'll leave it at that, because I'd start to take sides on this real quick and that'd be no good.


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Oh yay, yet another example of the things I discussed in my post above.

If I could have you guys read the most recent comment on the Pallet page of the Wiki...


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I'm certainly not surprised, it's just poison to the community. New players don't need to see that.


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Zor95 said:
Oh yay, yet another example of the things I discussed in my post above.

If I could have you guys read the most recent comment on the Pallet page of the Wiki...
No such comments now exist. I would just like to make the point that the comments section on each page is for just that; Commenting on the page itself. Not for little flame wars like you guys have been having.


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Alright, this page is meant to be about updates to do with the war, so I thought I might say my piece.

The war began because of some very poor decisions on the part of Zor95, along with the more unpleasant tendencies of the residents of Pallet City. After it's intitial spark, though, I have been largely responsible for it's continuance. Not through purely beligerent hate-speech, as Zor would have you believe, but my general attitude and, oftentimes, actions elluding to, and encouraging in my comrades, a lack of submission to our dear friend the sheep. Had I not joined the server when I did, just before Capital was overthrown, computern would likely have agreed to any and all demands made by the Alliance and had all members of his town quit the server. Depending on how you look at it, that may have been preferable to our current mess, but I digress.

My actions as midgamerx were, basically, an attempt to lash out at Zor for all the grief he's caused us. I failed to do anything particularly signifigant, and instead simply incited the Alliance into active hostility against us, as apposed to the apathy they had previously displayed after the initial period of war. While this of course meant more losses on our part, it gave the people in Central at least one partial victory to hold onto. I don't regret what I did for much the same reasons I believe what Zor did to Capital was wrong; in other words, reasons he doesn't understand.

Zor's description of this war as a "hate war" is largely accurate, in the sense that there is quite a lot of genuine hatred between the two sides. Despite their outward appearances at times, everyone in Central (with the possible exeption of our less involved members, such as 700t and The GamePlaya) maintains an inner fire they've carried ever since they lost their homes in Capital's fall. We understand perfectly well our position of weakness relative to the rest of the server, and live in a perpetual state of anticipation and fear as a result. All of our communications with the Alliance are one sided in nature, both sides knowing well enough who is really in control.

I really don't have a central point in writing this, I suppose I'm just trying to convey my mindset on the situation at present. Admin powers have not been abused over the course of this war; any imbalance in power has resulted from the huge gap in server experience between the two sides. That's all I have to say.


Well, as a person who started this war, when I figured it'd be a good thing for the community, and since this is a mostly dead forum, most people don't know the "news" about the whole "War of the Third Age". Nothing has really changed, but I'd like to make sure people are seeing the opinion of both sides as much as they can. So I suppose I should start:

You know why we are continuing this war? The same stupidity and ignorance as usual. I know that the hate war between us would never end, but as long as we have PvP, chat, and thievery allowed, there will always be a physical war. The usual cycle has started to continue: A new player joins Central, Central annoys Pallet, Pallet attacks Central, new player leaves. Central whines to higher admins. New rules are put in place. Pallet is upset. Rinse, repeat.

This is one of the major reasons we killed Capital City. And I'm sick of it. Absolutely sick of it. I am involved in the cycle because I figure after awhile, Computernites might learn. Thing is, they don't seem to. I have, at points, felt bad enough for Central that I'd want to be in their shoes and I ask them to attack Pallet so I'd know how it feels to be constantly having to protect yourself.

At other points, I want to rip out their throats. Most points really. At this point, fighting Central isn't profitable. It isn't poison for the server; it is like dumping acid on the community and then building a junkyard on top of it. It isn't a good thing at all, but it is either bring admins into it and have major changes in the server or we fight and fight and fight.

The Alliance (we really need a new name) is the only "faction" on offense. The only time they attacked was through Midgamerx, but at that point, they were absolutely idiots. They had admin protection. The moment Mid was invited to our town the protection was essentially lifted. (Have to give mad props to Gud, he really saved us.) They could have spent the rest of their admin protection mining diamonds, getting gear, and getting ready for a siege. They have enough manpower to easily overrun Pallet, they just don't. They could run in with iron gear and they could do some major damage. For the longest time I had a set of diamond gear right outside town hall, and for a bit I had 5 stacks of iron blocks inside. Never stolen, never at risk. We were never attacked. In fact, the "no destroying gen rule" is the only reason why Central is still existing today, because we would have annihilated their gen immediately.

That was a bit of my ramble, hope you enjoyed. I know this will never happen but please don't start a flame war about this. This page is for news, not flame warring.