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The Good Ole' Days


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Well, from what i remember anyway...

I read the old ad for the artifact server, and boy did it sell itself. It also reminded me that we had to survive without protection. Chests had to be well hidden, all wealth went to making yourself stronger. Now, once you have a generator set up you can leave a chest full of diamonds right out in the open, but provided it has 2 blocks above it they are perfectly safe. To support a large city the price is sacrificing all diamonds you collect immediately.

I dont think ill get much support from the server, or anyone infact, on this, but why not abolish generators and bring back the vanilla server this once was. This would re-awaken it as a survival server, raids would be more common, from me included, but people would deal with it like they used to. There wouldnt be any more controversy about bug exploitation, and would also halve the number of bugs.

Sound attractive to anyone?


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Sounds good to me.... If we could get rid of career thieves. But alas! We cannot.


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*points to myself, Nouvellune, Gudbrandr, and Newdood*

Also our old friend Bigpizza.


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Old One
Vanilla may have worked back in the day, but minecraft has changed so much since then, and now vanilla wouldn't really work. With regards to hiding chests its not possible anymore due to xrayers, since they changed chests (doesn't fill a whole block) so even a simple change of texture can allow all buried chests to be seen.

The key to a successful server is the community, which is the success of minecraft itself. Which is why i feel that towns are the key and even factions in some form.


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The main question of this thread has pretty much been answered by mag, but with regards to what mop said about career theives... keep in mind, it would go both ways. :p